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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things I'm "allergic" to.


It's just my opinion. My pet peeves. My allergies. Nothing to do with you, even if you are on the list. Absolutely nothing. All to do with me.

So - now to things I'm "allergic" to.

There's so much of that all over the Internet. One cannot go anywhere without getting someone pushing the USonian pompous, arrogant, self-applauding, stuck-up... argh! - someone pushing USA down everyone's throat. And if you ask people to keep the noise down, they get offended and start accusing you of hating USA.
I didn't hate USA when I first came to the Internet, but now I'm not so sure.
(No, I don't hate USA. I hate the imperialistic, narcissistic, fascist, chauvinist, supremacist, fundamentalist bullies, and some USonians are exactly that. There's a lot of good in USA - among other things most of the USonians :-D - but also a lot of bad things. Just like with everything in the world. But - I'm not talking about the good, because I'm ranting about the things that irritate me. The good things don't.)

Especially when they are talking about 9/11. It was over 10 years ago. Get over it, already!
No, I will never forget - how I watched CNN when the first newscast came, how I called my husband and told him, and how he couldn't understand what I was trying to tell... I was among the people who watched in disbelief, live, how the other plane flew in the other tower... How small they looked. How I hurried to contact all my USonian friends, expressed my concerns and compassion in every social media and forum I was a member of, offered any help and support I could... I remember people carrying flowers and candles in front of all USonian embassies all over the world, almost more than for Princess Diana, and how all the world leaders expressed their condoleances...
and I will never forget how just in a couple of days the USonians were whining about how NOBODY cared, how EVERYBODY hated USA, how they ALWAYS had to take care of themselves by themselves, boohoo.
And I stopped caring. Fuck you too.
And now, every time I see anyone say anything about 9/11, I remember how the whole world's concern and compassion was brushed away, and I'm filled with ice cold contempt.

Or when they talk about the USonian imperialism, all the hundreds of wars, especially these last ones, that were 100% unnecessary - and illegal.
The only USonian soldiers defending USA, USonian freedom and USonians are those fighting on USonian soil. The second they step off that soil, they turn into attackers, aggressive, offensive, violaters of international laws, who are not doing anything worthy.
It was USA who attacked Iraq, not the other way around. You are not defending yourself, you are attacking other people!
It was USA who attacked Afghanistan, not the other way around. You are not defending yourself, you are attacking others!
So don't come and tell me you are DEFENDING any of these things!

I have full respect of veterans, because THEY believed they were doing the right thing, because they are brainwashed to believe their superiors know what they are doing and are honorable men and women who would not send thousands of USonians to die for something unworthy, like money, power, prestige or other such things. Because I respect and appreciate veterans - I do owe my freedom to the Finnish veterans, and I will not forget that debt - it makes me angry that idiots are defending the assholes who sent these honorable, righteous and courageous people to sacrifice their lives and limbs for nothing.

I hate the USonian "patriots". No, not the USonians who love their country, but those nationalist chauvinists.
Those people who don't seem to realize that USA is not the whole world.
Those who get upset because I say "USonians" and not "Americans", because to me Americans are everyone native to the Americas, from Argentina to Canada.
Those who get offended because the recipes use metric system measurements.
Those who think you hate USA if you don't think Stars and Stripes is the most beautiful flag in the world, and other such things.
Who think "patriotic" is synonymous to USonians and "independence day" is synonymous to 4th of July. Who get offended when people don't know what's the USonian independence day, but couldn't mention any other nation's national day.
People who think words like "freedom" and "liberty" are Usonian, that the concept was invented by USA and that USA embodies these values.


I am allergic to most Republicans, of Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh and Fox kind. I know not all Republicans are like that, but everyone saying that Obama is the worst president ever, whining about his birth certificate, say that he's a communist, enemy of USA, hates USA and other such crap, and trying every damn way to get rid of him, just because he's not Republican, those people make me see red.

I'm allergic to the arrogant, egocentric, fundamentalist Christians. Those people who believe everyone else is wrong and worshiping devils, who preach fire and brimstone and eternal condemnation over other people's "sins", but don't care one bit of their own. Those who think "God", "family values", "morals" and "inspirational" refer to Christianity, and Christianity alone. Those people who tell me I should be grateful because an imaginary person "died for my sins", and call me names because I'm faithful to my God.

Interestingly, 99% of these people are the same people...

But - I'm not ok with the "opposition" either.

I'm allergic to Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Dalai Lama, chakras and new age spiritualism, Hinduism and Buddhism, and people stealing spiritual ideas from Jews, Indians and Native Americans and claiming them as their own. I'm allergic to the fake "Kabbalah" and... Ugh. A lot of things. "Tantra", "healthy", "chakra", "ego", "hipster", "kale"...
Of course I'm not talking about these things in general, but the fascist fundamentalist ---s. People who believe to be better than thou because they are VEGAN.
And you know exactly how to say that word in this context.

Then there are the people who call anything healthy, just because it's healthiER than the "normal" option. Like "cookie dough dip" that's made with beans and brown sugar. It still has tons of sugar, but when I pointed that out, there were screaming health banshees yelling at me to go and stuff myself with something I don't even know what it is. I assume it's something equivalent to bacon maple syrup doughnut inbaked in cheesecaked and deep fried and then covered with chocolate, glazed with maple fudge and sprinkled with more bacon.
I responded that to me "healthy dessert" is an apple. No added sugar of any kind, no cooking, mixing, preparing and processing involved at all.

And this reminded me of the grand debate of Orthorexia. "Can healthy eating be labeled a disorder".
Neither can banting. (= trying to lose weight)
But when "healthy eating" goes overboard, like banting when it becomes Anorexia, then you can talk about a disorder.
And this is something what these health banshees won't ever understand.
I found it hilarious that the most quoted and reposted opinion on the issue was by a guy who started screaming and foaming about how the government is mind-controlling people through MSG and gene manipulated crops and how people who are not orthorexic are sedated zombies... and not one of the idiots reposting this reacted. No, I got a lecture on how certain food can be lethal to people who are allergic to it, and how difficult life can be if you have are oversensitive to some foods.
Yes, I understand that. That is OBVIOUSLY NOT what Orthorexia means. And it doesn't mean either the fact that people are trying to eat healthier, better, watch out for "bad" things in their food, no. Don't eat MSG if you don't want to. Don't eat sugar. I would be so much better off if I could keep my mouth free of that stuff... No, Orthorexia is about people damaging themselves with their obsessive relationship to and ideas about food and food related issues.

And I'm allergic to anything Disney except the movies. I hate the merchandise and spinoffs and tv series and other such crap.

I'm allergic to artists like Thomas Kinkade, and I'm allergic to their fans. Especially their fans... One woman stated in exaltation that there has never been an artist as good and talented and amazing as Kinkade.

I hate "mother's love" clichés. Most of the mothers of the world are ordinary women, and in NO WAY different from all the other human beings on this planet. Then there are the people who declare all mothers to saints, and the mothers who so willingly listen to these people...
Really... poor people who have nothing but motherhood. No wonder they wear "my superpower is to make milk" shirts and the stupid "child in car!!!" banners on their cars. I mean... what are you supposed to think? "I'm usually reckless, but because I notice there are children in that car, I'm going to drive carefully from now on." Or? Stupid.

Children who are in love with themselves.
There was this boy who, when he got the camera to take pictures of anything, took pictures of himself. Nothing but himself.
I remembered another boy, who took photos of everything but himself. Those photos were amazing. He showed me the world through his eyes, and I saw things I hadn't noticed otherwise.
But I suppose the first boy showed me the world through his eyes as well. Being the only son in a fundamentalist Christian family of 6 makes you believe you are the world.

I'm allergic to rich people pretending to be "commoners", you know, like stay-at-home moms supported by their rich husbands making crafts and scrapbooking with Martha Stewart stuff .
I'm allergic to Martha Stewart too.
And Ann Romney saying she understands the "American woman" - even though the majority of USonians are actually Democrats and belong to the less fortunate 98%. No, Ann Romney has not worked one day in her life - or if she has, it wasn't because she needed to, like the most of USonian women. Ordinary USonian women don't own Olympic horses, and cannot send their children to boarding schools.
I'm allergic to all the rich bitches who pretend to be so crafty and artistic and creative and have Etsy shops selling expensive crap.
I'm allergic to people who have more than one bathroom in their houses, and who pretend to be "ordinary housewives".

I'm allergic to stupid people. I don't mean really stupid, but people who were given brains but have been taught not to use them, or are too lazy to. Willfully ignorant.People who see a picture of "pie pops" and start whining because there is no recipe.
You make a miniature pie, using ordinary rolled pie dough or cookie dough,  by rolling it and cutting shapes with a cookie cutter. You put one of these shapes as the bottom of the pie, put in the filling, put in the popsicle stick, put in another shape on top as the cover of the pie, snip closed the edges, with fingers or a fork to get the pie edge, and that's it!
"There's no recipe!"
And some Barbie responds: "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't notice..."
The power of the weak... "I'm too stupid to get how to make these or find the recipe myself, I NEED to get the recipe served on a silver platter, with apologies, because YOU were SO MEAN and caused me SEVERE MENTAL DISTRESS by FORCING me to follow a link to a site AND THERE WAS NO RECIPE!!!"
Too lazy to figure out how to break a piece of bread if there's no knife and cutting board around. One would rather die of hunger, bitter to the mean world who wanted one to die, mocking one and taunting with the bread but NO WAY to eat it.
That kind of "stupid" people SHOULD be denied the right to vote or breed. Stupid, lazy, selfish, whiny people believing to be entitled to get everything served. I bet she's considered to be beautiful, that she is SAHM, and her home is spotless and soulless, and she believes to be really creative and artistic and having good taste and being a lady, and I would also say she's USonian, Republican, Christian and offended by little things - like "someone pinned a picture of food on Pinterest without recipe!!!"
Now I have to go and check...

The bitch had pinned this:
Not enough information to conclude I'm right, but what I have seen supports the assumption.

I hate 50 shades of Grey and Twilight and Outlander and Nicholas Sparks, etc. etc. and I especially hate the fans, who claim that there never was a writer before --- and this is the best book in the history of mankind, and who compare everything that happens in the world to their favorite book and characters... that you can't see a picture of a handsome man or two people kissing without diehard fans drooling and swooning and praising their idols.
All the things classified as "classy" that are anything but. No, gold nail polish is not classy.

People who copy someone else who is believed to be "all that", even though their style doesn't go with the people's style, and ending with something horrible, like dollar store crap with antique silver and "collect all pieces" thirteen-in-dozen china. And let's add a couple of made-in-china ceramic bunnies that are SOOO cute! And real flowers. In vases that look like something else, like a paper bag. Those are so funny! Not.

People who name things "northern lights" (or anything else) even though they obviously have never seen them and have only a slightest clue (or not even that) of what it is.

People who believe the movie version is The Right Version.

"The Best Ever" "Can't Miss!" "Must-Do"
And people writing with all caps,
or "leT's bE WhimSicLe And wRite cAps miSh-mAtsheD" -
or using $†9ἧϟ ℉øЯ ℒℰṪṬℰℝℨ. Or foreign letters that look like something but is really something else, but I-don't-need-to-find-out-what-the-letter-stands-for-because-I-don't-speak-that-language-and-I-know-no-one-who-does,-and-my-friends-don't-care,-so-if-you-do,-you-are-not-my-friend-so-there-so!!!!
And using txt msg game writing.

The reason to this rant is that I have been on Pinterest, and not a day goes by without me seeing something of this. I don't want to see any of this crap. I only want to see things that inspire me and make me glad and happy and eager to live my life, wake up in the morning and change my life to what I want it to be. This crap just makes me angry.

Addition 19th of February, 2013

"champagne muffins are actually made with a little bit of bubbly!"
Oh. Does that really need saying?

"I have found a recipe for the potato starter"
Four recipe requests later someone posts a recipe.
12 recipe requests follow.

"you are only allowed search every 15 seconds" - even if your search resulted in nothing.

boxes and mixes and substitutes...
like "cool whip". It's "non-dairy whipped cream substitute", and all the recipes tell you to use it, thawed...  "The key advantage of the invention was that it was a whipped cream-like product that could be distributed in a frozen state by grocery chains and kept in the consumer's refrigerator."
It is made of "hydrogenated vegetable oil" and water, with some corn syrup, dairy products, sugar, wax, emulsifiers, flavors and coloring. So, no, it's not even dairy free.
Easy bake: "One box of cake mix, one package of cream cheese, one sachet of lemonade powder, food coloring, cool whip topping..."
What kind of recipe is "take a cake mix and follow the recipe given in the box, bake the cake"? A LOUSY ONE!!!
So - I started looking for a recipe for strawberry cake.
I found one. "Take a box of white cake mix and a box of strawberry flavored crap..."
Ok... from scratch.
"It is hard to find scratch strawberry cakes, so this one is worth it weight in gold to me as a caterer."
It uses "3 ounce package of strawberry flavored gelatin mix". IT'S NOT FROM SCRATCH, YOU STUPID BITCH!

And then the "breakfast food"... loaded with sugar. Cinnamon rolls, french toast, pancakes... or really fat and salty. I mean... they could probably eat french fries with bacon eaten on buttered sweet muffins and wash it down on sugared cocoa or coffee. Nice.

And why are "kids' alternative" always dessert version? "Roll bananas on thin wheat bread and drizzle with syrup - a great alternative for kiddos in stead of sushi!". "If your child doesn't eat breakfast cereals, make your own chocolate-candy-honey frosted-granola". And then they wonder why their kids won't eat real food.

I saw "personalized easter eggs"... that weren't even egg shaped. *sigh*

And I know:


LizWard said...

If you don't want to see it, then why focus so much attention on it? Why not focus your attention on making your life better like you say you would like...staying positive?

Ketutar said...

The thing is, Liz, that I'm not "focusing so much attention on it". If I was, these things wouldn't bother me as much as they do. They sort of manage to surprise me every time they happen, even though I know they are there and won't go away. Ever.
The situation is a bit like telling someone with peanut allergy to focus on chocolate in Snickers :-)
Because the Internet is a bit like life... every now and then "bad things happen", how much ever you "focus on staying positive". There are peanuts in this giant chocolate bar called life. They are not the only thing in my chocolate, they are not even the main thing, actually, they are a very small part of it - but when one is allergic to something, just a little does the trick...
Of course I'd rather have my chocolate without peanuts, but - luckily my allergy isn't life threatening, because it is quite difficult to find any area of the Internet without these "peanuts" mentioned in the blog entry.

As you don't seem to have any "allergies", pet peeves or anything irritating, I'm really happy for you, Liz :-) Good for you! I hope you manage to stay on that path the rest of your happy life.

Griffox said...

I know this is an old post, but I enjoyed it and wanted to let you know. I had done a picture search for that ridiculous Jesus/rainbow/flag/eagle/911 photo, because I thought, surely I'm not the only one who thinks this is way over the top? Well, your blog was the only result that wasn't, "God Bless America, Never Forget, One Nation Under GOD!!!!!!!"

I confess to being a USonian, but I have to say, I agreed with everything you had to say. When I spend a lot of time reading comments from fellow Americans on news sites, I am sometimes filled with a blind rage at the stupidity. It's like people don't even form their own opinions; they just regurgitate whatever the popular right wing conservatives are saying. There's an article about Obama visiting tornado victims and the comments are all, "He makes me sick!!" Anyways, reading your post was cathartic. It's good to know that people outside of the USA see the same things I do and support those of us who aren't fundamentalist christians. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Ketutar said...

Thanks, Griffox :-)

I'm glad to see your comment :-)

And I'm glad to be able to give you hope about the mankind :-D

Unknown said...

I feel sorry for you. Also, you should really get some writing instruction before posting such a verbose rant....you sound like a child.

Unknown said...

I feel sorry for you. Also, you should really get some writing instruction before posting such a verbose rant....you sound like a child.

Ketutar said...

Good for you, "Unknown".

For further comments, you might want to check that you don't double post your comments.

Also, it increases your credibility if you have some other handle than "anonymous" or "unknown". :-)

You don't need to feel sorry for me, but if that rocks your boat, go ahead.