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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Price of lies

The truth is that sending all those people to Iraq to kill and die did nothing for any USonian's freedom - except for the POWs and MIAs... I can understand that you have to explain and justify and excuse somehow the fact that your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, father, mother, friend etc. was killed by your government, with your approval, permission, encouragement, perhaps even request... The truth is too hard to even think...


Sarah said...

Not all of us support the war that the United States government is putting us through, and we are well aware that a war in a place across the world will not make us any more free. The politicians keep telling us that they're going to pull us out of the Middle East but they never really do. Please don't assume that individuals like me approve of the atrocities that our government commits.

I have two family members who are currently in the military and I do not want to them to kill or be killed in a war over oil.

Ketutar said...

Sarah, I know a lot of USonians didn't approve, permit, encourage nor request the war, probably even the majority... but most of the people posting pictures like that did.

I apologize for not making it clear in the post.

I also would like to point out that I do not consider the people in the military, the soldiers of different ranks, in any way responsible of the war. I know THEY are just doing their job... it's their employers; the people who sit in safety at home, keeping their own kids and loved ones close and safe, and send other people's children to be killed for nothing, but... oil. Esteem. votes. Something so not worth it.

I am sorry if my post hurt you.

Sarah said...

Thanks for clarifying. :)

The sad thing about some of the people who join our military is that they really don't have any other choice. When a person here joins the military, they get money to go to college and money for necessities like housing that they wouldn't be able to earn working a minimum wage job. For some, fighting our government's war is a way out of poverty, and a way to keep food on the table.

And that's just sad.

Ketutar said...

Well... I happen to believe there's always choices. Nevertheless I understand the reasoning behind the choice of joining the US army, and I have nothing against military career, and I do appreciate the work soldiers do. What I don't appreciate is people who think they have the right to send soldiers to fight illegal and unfair wars on other people's land. Attack wars - that is wars that are fought on someone else's soil - are per definition illegal. Bush and his generals should be condemned in international court for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but that is not going to happen...