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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Just because I like someone's books, doesn't mean this someone is a nice person...

Orson Scott Card wrote an essay about Israel, Iran and Obama. And it's like... OMG. F. Dang.

Orson, If you define "evil" as "willing to kill anyone to remake the world as they think it should be", then you are evil. You are just trying to get USA do your dirty work, and kill enough Iranians to make the world as you think it should be.

I'm sorry to say this, but

No-one has the right to "prevent" others from perhaps doing what we think is wrong. The legal system of a country shouldn't be working like in Minority Report.
We cannot and may not be punished for what we think or say, only for what we do.
No-one, not USA, not UN, not anyone, has the right to force Iran to do - or not do - anything. On the contrary, AS IT IS NOW, USA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANKIND WHO HAS USED NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN WAR AGAINST ANOTHER NATION. USA is the last country to tell anyone else not to do the same.

If - or when - Iran attacks Israel, THEN the rest of the world may react. Not before.

I can understand that it is horrible for someone just to sit on their hands and watch how other people go on with their plans that to us seem very risky, dangerous, even lunatic, but unfortunately, just as no-one had the right to stop the Texan idiot from burning Qurans, no-one has the right to stop the Tehran idiots from building nuclear power plants and bombs, or even from using them.

If you think it's your DUTY to violate other people's human rights to make their own choices, that it would be HONORABLE...? Then I have to say it is YOU who have no idea of what honor is.

Tel Aviv is just a city. It celebrated its 100 birthday last year. It can be built again, just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It will be built again.

The Germans managed to kill more than half of the world's Jewish population only some 70 years ago. The Jewish people still exists, and will exist.

Some say Israel only exists because of what happened during WWII, and that today there is no real threat against Israel. If Iran was to attack Israel with nuclear weapons, it would prove to the world that Israel does have a real threat against its existence. That all the Anti-Israelis were wrong, and the people defending Israel's right to exist were right. It would not wipe Israel off the world map. It would cement Israel on it.

It is better for everyone is Iran is allowed to build not only nuclear plants but nuclear weapons, because that is the only way the rest of the world will learn if they can use them too. USA obviously was mad enough to use theirs. Let's see who else is mad enough :-> I really don't think Iranians are that mad, or even willing to be written on the same list with USA... the only two countries ever having used nuclear weapons against another nation...

Also, don't you think Israel has nuclear weapons? Don't you think Tehran would stop existing the minute Tel Aviv stopped existing? I do. And... Tehran has no capacity what so ever to deal with that. Tel Aviv does, as Israel has been living under the very real threat against its existance since before it even existed. What if the Irani people are not as stupid as you seem to think they are? What if they are actually aware of such little things as nuclear fallout and their own poor capacity to deal with such things?

Also, don't you think the old Soviet nuclear weapons have already been sold to practically every Arabic countries? I do.

BTW, Israel hasn't only been "legally punishing" terrorists. With your twisted ideas of preventive punishments (hey, why not just kill off everyone, to be sure that no-one, ever, does anything illegal? It would work.) it's of course ok to punish the criminals' parents, siblings, cousins and friends, but it really is against the Human Rights. Of course Israel has the right to build any kind of walls around its borders, but... where do the borders go, actually? Israel has no right to go to Palestinian land to build walls, neither has Israel right to set up roadblocks in foreign countries. Of course Israel has the right to not allow anything to be transported on their land, but they have no right to tell Jordan or Egypt what they may or not may transport to their neighbors. It really isn't Israel's business, if who ever sells Palestine what ever. Of course people die in any armed conflict, even if it's "just" a gang war or police intervention. But what about the violations of people's civil and human rights? Why are the Negev Bedouins being harassed? The list goes on and on...

Israel is not a perfect country with snow-white human rights record, and everyone should have enough honor to acknowledge this.

Nevertheless, that is totally irrelevant.
The question should not be if Israel DESERVES to exist or be destroyed. Israel has the right to exist - if not for anything else, then for the mere fact that Israel exists and has existed for over 50 years. I happen to believe in the right of Nations to self-determination; and that is why I believe Israel has the right to exist, and where it exists. In fact, as I do believe in the right to self-determination, I believe there SHOULD be an independent state of Palestine without Israel's interference, and I believe the Iranians should be free to decide whom they war with and with what means. USA, the least of all, has any right to try to limit this, as it has practically been at war with someone since 19th century. No wonder they are flying the wartime flag...

Uh. I could write about these things for hours, but I have a life.