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I believe all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of kinship, love and tolerance.
I don't believe in distinction of any kind, such as
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- political opinion
- any opinion
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

People don't think

Israel stopped the aid ships, boarded them and saw them to the harbor in Ashdod. What happened after that to the aid? I seem to be the only one interested. :-Z These so-called pro-Palestinians are only screaming about their own people being harmed as a consequence of their own violent attacks on Israeli soldiers.

"The Israelis roughed up and humiliated all of us — women, men and children," said Kuwaiti lawmaker Walid al-Tabtabai, who was on board one of the ships with other activists from Muslim countries.

Children? CHILDREN???
Social services should remove these children from their parents who are obviously too insane to be trusted to protect these children. Only complete idiots bring children to a war zone!

"The lawmaker claimed there "was not a single weapon with the passengers aboard all the ships."

Oh. So you are not only stupid, you are ignorant as well.
IF there had been no violence involved on board of Mavi Marmara, no-one had been hurt or killed. No-one was hurt or killed on board of the other ships where there were no weapons.
So, yes, I demand an IMPARTIAL investigation of what happened on board of Mavi Marmara, because that will reveal the FACT that the Israelis are tellign the truth of what happened. They were ambushed and violently attacked by these so called "peaceful activists".

Massacre is when you kill people who cannot defend themselves. It is not a massacre when people get killed in a fight. The activists on the ship started the fighting and therefore are responsible for all the deaths. If the investigation doesn't come to this conclusion, it is not impartial. :->

One can discuss whether the naval blockade is legal, but as it is now, there IS a naval blockade and as it is so, Israel has the right to stop and visit any ships trying to break the blockade, and it doesn't matter one bit whether they are on Israeli waters or international waters. It was not an attack, it was not an act of piracy (Come on!), it was not murder, slaughter or massacre.

Considering that during the five first months of 2010, there has been at least 57 rockets and mortars fired from Gaza to Israel, in my mind that counts as armed conflict, and as there is an armed conflict going on, there is legal justification for the Naval blockade.

BTW, it was only on March 18th when one of these attacks happened during the "European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs Lady Catherine Ashton" visit on Gaza strip, when the world reacted. THEN it was called "act of terror" and "violence against civilians". All the 56 other "acts of terror" and "violence against civilians" have passed unnoticed and uncondemned, even when people have been killed and damaged in these attacks.

My husband says "it doesn't matter what Israel does, it's condemned anyway, simply because it's Israel. Just drop all the Palestinians in Jordania, Egypt and Lebanon and get it over and done with."
I say "It's not enough. Israel must kill every Palestinian in the world and then give the people responsible - some hundred or thousand Israeli Jews - to the world to be sacrificed so that the rest of Israelis can live their lives in peace. The world has made it very clear. Israel cannot exist in peace as long as there are Palestinians in the world. So in order to be able to exist, Israel must see there are no Palestinians."
I ask again... Is this really what you want? You know what you think of Israel and what it is capable of. Do you really believe it won't do this, when you believe it is capable of all other kinds of atrocities? What would killing some 13.000.000 people be when it would guarantee peace in future to your children and all the Jews of the world? Especially if one doesn't consider these people to be people? You are playing with fire, and it might just end up burning you.

Palestinians don't want to be Israel's neighbors.
They want Israel to be Palestine, a Muslim nation, an Arab nation, in a racially and ideologically clean Middle-East.

Otherwise they would have accepted the partition plan or declared Palestine independent 1948-1967, when they actually held Jerusalem. They didn't do that. Ask yourself why... Unless you are one of the so-called "pro-Palestinians", because then you probably won't think about it, just invent a stupid accusation pushing the reason for that on Israel as well.
One of the stupidest responses one of the so called pro-Palestinians gave me to that question was that "it wasn't needed"... Palestinians are happy to be citizens of a Muslim, Arab nation, like Syria, Jordan or Lebanon.
Oh... I suppose this person hasn't discussed with Palestinians in Jordan and Lebanon... :-> Why would he, he believes they have it just fine there. That their only problem is homesickness, fear for their loved ones who live under the horrrrrrible scourge of Israel and natural upset for the human rights violations.

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