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Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel, Israel...

Yes, I am 100% certain that the "peace-loving pacifist aid workers" had both weapons on board and that they weren't afraid to use violence. Just look at Bilin. That's supposed to be "peaceful demonstrations in Gandhi's spirit", and they throw stones and say that violence, terrorism, suicide bombings and rockets are "the only way" for Palestine. That is what these so-called pacifists are in reality. Nothing to do with pacifism and passive resistance. Gandhi would have cried.
(The stills on left are from a video filmed by these "pacifists" on board on Mavi Marmara. Photographic evidence on that the Israeli soldiers are telling the truth of what happened.)

Also, they care more about trying to make Israel look bad - and see, they succeeded. If the help ever reaches Gaza is totally irrelevant to them.
You see, to ME the most important thing would have been to see that the help reaches Gaza, HOW is totally irrelevant. Israel said that if the aid ships will board Israel, Israel will take the help to Gaza.
I believe them. After all, they have been giving Gaza both this and that all this time. People are just not informed about it, because that would give a positive picture of Israel, and these so-called "pro-Palestinians" don't want that to happen. Israel must be a beast, it may not be just one country among hundreds of others. That would make Israel too human, and these so-called "pro-Palestinians" want you to think that Israel and all Israelis - and all Jews - are some sort of aliens. Subhuman but believing to be better than humans...

But, as said, helping Gazans is not important to these "pacifist" "pro-Palestinians", doing it the way *THEY* want to do it, is important. I am 100% sure of that when Israel asked the ships to stop so that they could board them -which is their legal right - the ships wouldn't stop, and I am also 100% sure of that the people on board resisted violently the boarding. Both justification enough for Israel to shoot. That the ship is SAID to be aid ship and full of diplomatically untouchable people and aid workers, doesn't mean anything. They must stop and allow Israel to board them and go through their cargo.
Why am I so sure? Because of the wounded Israeli soldiers. >:->

That I think Israel's rules are stupid and that they should allow shipments to Gaza is irrelevant. Civil disobedience doesn't apply in international situations. I have no right to go to another country and start disobeying clear rules just to make a point. No-one would do that to any other country but Israel.
I haven't seen any tourists pouring into China to protest against the occupation of Tibet and the mistreatment of Uighurs and other human rights and international law violations China makes itself guilty of every day.
I haven't heard of people getting in the way of heavy machinery and when they get crushed by it, start screaming about bloody murder, anywhere else but in Israel. Climbing in the rubble in the blind spot of the bulldoser operator is a suicide. Rachel Corrie killed herself. That the "eye witnesses" claim the operator could clearly see Rachel is just an assumption. Unless they were in the cockpit of the bulldozer, they cannot say whether he saw her or not. That Rachel presumably saw him doesn't mean he saw her.
"We were horribly surprised. They had been careful not to hurt us. They'd always stopped before."
- "Joseph Smith (Joe Carr)
But then they suddenly decided to kill one woman? And no-one else after that... yeah, sure. Very believable.
I haven't heard of politicians using their vacation to to join in aggressive protests against another country, except when that country is Israel.

India got independent from an occupier much stronger and more aggressive than Israel through PEACEFUL protests, PASSIVE resistance and civil disobedience without the involvement of outside "resistance fighters".
South Africa got rid of apartheid through political means.
What makes people think Israel is worse than the Brits and Afrikaans ever?

The fact that "pro-Palestinian" propaganda is never questioned, investigated and revealed as what it is. As long as people just swallow the hook, sink and bait, the "pro-Palestinians" will continue spinning propaganda, and every effort to try to get a more balanced picture of what is really happening, is being painted black as "NaZionism". Who suffers from this propaganda war is the Palestinians.

Israel's reputation gets worse and worse, but, come on, how much worse can it get? The "pro-Palestinians" have been painting Israel black already for decades. You can't get darker than that. Today no-one would be surprised if Israel would nuke Gaza and West Bank. If Israel mass-poisoned the whole Palestinian population, no-one would be surprised. If Israel would really genocide the Palestinian people, send Mossad to kill all the Palestinians outside Israel-Palestine, no-one would be surprised. And, frankly, I start to think that might be the solution. Then the current Israeli leaders could surrender, be convicted in Hague to be executed for their crimes against humanity, human rights and international laws, and they would leave their descendants an Israel free of the "Palestinian problem". It's starting to look like a reasonable prize to be paid. Just look at Germany today. "It was the previous generation, not us." They solved their "Jew problem", and now the country is relatively Jew-free. Perhaps the Israelis should learn from the history, and see how Germany could survive genocide of Jews, how Turkey could survive genocide of Armenians, how Serbia could survive genocide, and just do it.

Is that really what you want?

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