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Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's all in the counting...

I read the news of Israel's bombings in Gaza and I am... I find it hard to remember that we are talking about people here. There's so many who seem to think it's ok for Palestinians to kill as many Jews as they can, it's ok for Palestinians to "retaliate" and "defend themselves", but it's not ok for a Jew to break one hair from a Palestinian (or pseudo-Palestinian) head.

There has been no truce. Not 6 months, not one day. Gaza has been shooting at Israel almost every day. Might be that Israelis are lucky, that Gazans are clumsy, that Gazans are only trying to scare Israel, that Gazans are targeting the infrastructure instead of people, what ever the reason, these rockets hasn't killed many Israelis. In my mind shooting at someone is a sign of aggression, whether you succeed to kill the bastard or not. The Israelis count the rockets coming over the border.

The Palestinians count the dead and wounded. I find it interesting that that has not been a practice in wars and conflicts... until now. The Germans during the WWII were not horrible because they killed so many people. Actually, no-one knows for sure how many people they killed. In this conflict, people are actually counting deaths... and what is interesting is that even though the so-called "pro-Palestinians" call Israel with every bad name in the book, Israel hasn't "managed" to kill enough people to even get to the "top ranking 20th century atrocities". One would think they are, as the "Pro-Palestinians" harp. But the truth is that Israel hasn't even killed as many Palestinians as the Muslims killed Armenians only 90 years ago. So if we start counting bodies... No, Israel isn't a big villain even in that way.

Sure, there's about 5 times more Palestinians killed than Israelis, but consider this:
during the five years, USA&Co. has managed to kill about 90.000-100.000 people - the ratio (USA/Iraqis) is about 1/20, not 1/5 as in Israel.
In Sudan about 2.000.000 people died between 1983 and 1998. (about 5-8 %)
"In September 2004, the World Health Organization estimated there had been 50,000 deaths in Darfur since the beginning of the conflict, an 18-month period, mostly due to starvation."
In Srebrenica the Serbs killed 2000-8000 Bosniaks IN ONE MONTH.
During Fidel Castro's reign in Cuba 15.000 - 23.000 were killed for their political opinion. So if you count the bodies, Fidel Castro is a bigger butcher than Ariel Sharon.
Sure, there's more Cubans, Sudanese and Iraqis than Palestinians living in Levant, but the death toll is even procentually smaller - doesn't reach one percent.

I'm sorry, but Israel just isn't killing "enough" to be counted as a genocidal monster in style of Stalin, Hitler or Mao. Everyone knows they have the opportunity and means to do so.

Another "qualification" needed for something to be a genocide is the intention - and there just isn't enough evidence of Israel's intention to kill all the Palestinians. Old, mispresented and twisted quotes taken out of context just aren't enough.

P.S. The estimates are that Israel killed about 270 people yesterday, of whom more than half were Hamas soldiers. Considering that they are bombing Gaza, where the Hamas soldiers are hiding in the civil population, from aeroplanes, they have managed to diminish the collateral damage amazingly well.
"Hamas estimated at least 180 members of its security forces had been killed with at least 15 women and some children."
[SOME children? The bloodiest day in the Israel-Palestine history and Israel killed ONLY SOME children? Hamas is crying more over the 180 SOLDIERS than the two girls they themselves killed last week, and threatening with "avenge" (Excuse me? IN A WAR SOLDIERS DIE. If you don't like that fact, STAY THE FCUK OUT OF WARS, AND DON'T BLAME THE ENEMY FOR KILLING YOUR SOLDIERS!) and suicide bombings (targeting children, not soldiers, as these cowards always do >:->)].

And what do the so called "Pro-Palestinians" do? Think it's OK to kill Israeli children because Israeli soldiers killed Palestinian soldiers, condone more rockets being shot from Gaza to Israel - even though it is clear as day that that was the reason to this Israel's attack. Even though it is a fact that Hamas hasn't kept one day of the truce, that there has been rockets coming from Gaza to Israel FOR YEARS NOW, and the fact that the Israeli troops and settlers left Gaza only made it worse - Israel's presence in Gaza HAS a "calming effect", and the only thing the Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel has caused is the "bloodiest day in the history of Israel-Palestine conflict"... Does Hamas and the so-called "Pro-Palestinians" get the message? No.

Remember these children
isn't it interesting that the site doesn't mention the 5-year-old 'Ubeida Habib who was killed by a bullet shot during a Hamas soldier's funeral this summer?
I'm very interested to see when they update the site and if they mention Ubeida, Hanin and Sabah.

Another thing that could be counted is the Palestinian self-deaths.
The so called "Pro-Palestinians" count them too, but blame Israel for them.
Logical? No. Fair? No. Antisemitic?

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