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I don't believe in distinction of any kind, such as
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- political opinion
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Israel IS

It's Chanukkah. I was thinking about the words of Maoz Tzur, "an oppressor came and exiled me... ...at the end of seventy years I was saved".

The Jewish people have tried to live in the land of Israel for millenia, and all the time there have been others who want the land - the Babylonians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians, the Muslims... what all these people have in common is that they all have land somewhere else too. They wouldn't NEED Israel, they just WANT it.

I know that the pro-Palestinians say that the Jews "just want it" too. The difference is that the Jews do NOT have a land somewhere else. When the land area was divided after WWI, the Arab population of the area got Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the Jewish population got Israel... BACK.

Some pro-Palestinians say that the Jews should have been given land from Germany, as it was the Germans who mistreated them during WWII. Or in USA, as USA so much wants to give the Jews a homeland. The thing is that the Jews weren't given a homeland because the Germans tried to kill them all. After all, the Germans were "just" doing what all the people of the world has been doing the last 2000 years. First the Romans started it because the Jews refused to leave monotheism, then the Christians and Muslims continued, because the Jews weren't Christians nor Muslims. This is a fact, my antisemitic readers, not some "Zionist propaganda". The Holocaust was just the culmination of 2000 years of pogroms, discrimination, persecution and xenophobia. That's one of the reasons why the Jews were "given" Israel BACK. The Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims have been just as antisemitic as everyone else, and still are.

Come on, the only, ONLY, reason to why the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims are against Israel is that now there is a piece of land that is NOT Islamic in Middle-East.
You don't believe me?
Just look at how the Islamic countries treat the Palestinians living there. Just look at how they treat other minorities, for example the Jews. Here where I live we have a majority of Assyrian and Armenian people who were made refugees by these Islamic countries. They don't care one bit about the Palestinian people, the Philistees, the original Canaanite minority. If Israel didn't exist, you could be 100% certain of that there would not be an independent state of Palestine. When the Arab states attacked Israel 1948 and invaded large parts of the area, they didn't create independent Palestine. They took the land as their own. Golan to Syria, West Bank to Jordan, Gaza to Egypt...
If they REALLY cared so much of Palestinian independence, they would have made these areas Palestinian state, wouldn't they?
They would have accepted the UN division plan 1948 and declared independent Palestine.
They didn't...

Now, some people say that because the Israelis are abusing the Palestinians living in the area, Israel has no right to even exist. That is a really weird way of thinking.
No-one is asking for the dissolution of Lebanon and assigning it to neighboring countries because the Lebanese abuse their Palestinian population, or Jordan, or Syria, or Egypt. In fact, no-one asked for the RSA to be dissolved either. No-one asks for the dissolution of China because of their human rights violations and discrimination of minorities. There shouldn't be any difference in how the world treats one country from another. If one country is taken from the lot and treated, seen differently from all the rest, BECAUSE IT IS JEWISH... that is antisemitism.

Israel might have been recognized because of the Holocaust, but that's history. Today Israel must be recognized because it IS a country, an independent state, a state that has existed for 60 years. It doesn't matter why it was born or how it has "lived" these 60 years.

Another thing that is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to this issue is that Israel is "the promised land of the chosen people". Every people is the chosen one of their God. It's RELIGION, and that has - should have - NOTHING to do with politics. The existence of Israel is POLITICS, not religion.

P.S. Antisemitism is NOT being against the Semitic people. Antisemitism is a misnomer - that is "wrongly named" - and means ONLY, EXCLUSIVELY AND SPECIFICALLY being against the Jewish people.
Blame the antisemitic German, who coined the word, for this "elitism", not the Jews.

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