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Saturday, January 12, 2013

About gun control

There was a discussion in Facebook.
Yeah... reason enough to just ignore the damned thing :-D
But - I said something, got a response, and... well... I have some time over, and I believe I have something to say, and because I unfriended the person whose profile the discussion is on, I can't respond there. So I respond here.

It started with a Mother Jones article: "was Hitler really a fan of gun control?"

My response was:  

"Argumentum ad Hitlerum... :->
I find it interesting how before the election a lot of Republicans were crying about how ALL their rights HAVE BEEN stripped away from them... now, if the guns couldn't stop the government from "stripping away" those right
s (interestingly none of them could name any of those), what do you do with your gun? They are not going to feed or educate your children, guns are not going to give you a roof over your head... at least not for long Guns can't really even protect your life and property. Enough people have been both killed and robbed even though they had guns."

I received a response:

"You are full of BS. My rifle does fill my freezer with meat so it Does feed my family. My shotgun Did protect my family from a home invasion. Your bullshit is just that.... bullshit. If you don't like guns don't buy one. Your opinions only demonstrate abject ignorance."

To which I respond:

"Firstly, everyone is full of shit, even you.

Secondly, just because you are a deviation from what I said doesn't make what I say untrue. What I said goes for the majority, and even though you hunt and have "protected your family from a home invasion", most people yapping against gun control have never in their lives needed to use a gun for anything.
Gun control doesn't mean "no-one may have a gun", but the gun ownership is restricted to those who have a real reason to use it, like hunters and police officers.

Thirdly, "abject"? Word of the day? >:-> Compared to the level of the rest of your writing, the last sentence is obviously copied from someone else :-D

Nothing you have said gives me any reason to believe my statement is based on ignorance, on the contrary. You don't even confront all parts of my statement you call bullshit, and what you confront is not really making my statement untrue.
Yes, you can hunt, and butcher animals by shooting them, but people don't live of meat alone. Just try it. Eat only things you have got with your gun. Don't drink water. Don't drink coffee. Don't eat vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta. Don't eat gravy. Don't eat bread and butter. Don't eat eggs. You see... a lot of food people eat is not meat.
Your children don't get educated by guns.
The gun didn't give you the roof over your head, unless you forced someone to give their house to you - or allow you into their house - under gunpoint, which is what I'm talking about when I say "at least not for long".
People have been killed and robbed even though they had guns, so guns don't even really protect your life and property. Yes, I admit, there have been times when a gun has protected your life and property, but there are more times when it hasn't... and, frankly... home invasion? In what kind of civilized society you even need to be afraid of home invaders? Burglars, sure, but those usually come to your home when you are not there to protect it, so your gun is useless. If they don't care whether you are at home or not, they probably have guns of their own, and in a gunfight lives are usually lost... so protecting your property you might lose your life - or the life of someone else, your child, your spouse... and is your property really worth that? No. Women carrying guns have been raped. Children carrying guns often end up hurting someone, themselves, their friends, other kids - and often enough it ends by someone dying. "Often enough" is one time. But you probably don't think one child is important. Because so many children have been saved with guns... er... do you have an example? Do you have as many examples of lives being saved as I have of lives being lost? I doubt that. But - sure, I give you the benefit of the doubt, go ahead.

Frankly, there's reason to believe that that "home invasion" was pure imagination of yours, you just believed they were trying to invade your home, if they even existed.
That story is just more reason to advocate gun control. You are so scared of the imagined threats you believe you need your gun for, you can't even think straight.

People like that try to solve any problem with violence, and couldn't use their intellect to solve it, even if they tried.
Internet must be a hellish place, when you can't shoot your way clear from people who are different from you. >:-> Just look at your response to me. "You are full of bullshit!" You repeat "bullshit" three times. And then you try to use some fancy language to impress everyone of how cultured you actually are, because heaven forbid someone would think you are not intelligent and well-educated, as if that mattered :-D

People like that would shoot first and investigate later - if at all - because you are scared witless. I'm just waiting for the "just see for how long you would survive without a gun!" argument. :-D I have survived over 40 years without a gun, my dear. Because I live in a society where people are taught to use their intellect to solve problems, where people are taught to appreciate differences and respect each other, and not believe "might is right" - that is, "if you can take it, it's rightfully yours". If someone can invade your home, it's rightfully theirs, and therefore it's your right to protect your home by shooting - or threatening to shoot - with intention to end another human being's life. You believe your property is more important than another human being's life, and you call ME ignorant :-D

"A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet", they say. It means that that "home invader" might be someone who could be a great friend to you, and help you with your daily life... Making him an enemy robs YOU from all the possible benefits of knowing him/her.
It's that survival crap all over again. "They are coming to take MY food, and they WILL KILL ME to get it!" in stead of thinking that a community TOGETHER would be stronger and better equipped to feed the whole community. Someone like me is pretty useless when it comes to killing people, but I can sew, bake, cook, take care of animals and garden, I know how to use herbal medicine, I can assist with minor injuries and first aid, and I can sing and tell stories; replace the television... I am very useful in a catastrophe that throws us back to stone age. But to you I would be just another mouth to feed, another parasite that wants what's yours. You are such an idiot. :-D

So - go ahead and cover in your spider hole you call your home with your family, cover in fear and trust in your gun. Hopefully someone manages to end your suffering before you get too old, blind and feeble to handle a gun :-D

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Good job, Ket!