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Friday, April 29, 2011

Reptilians? Bull!

Kate and Wills got married today. There was a funny video uploaded on YouTube: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

What was also wonderful, in "OMG how people believe in all kinds of crap" sort of way, was one of the comments.
"Royal Wedding? It's nothing that I could give a shit I gotta tell you. 
Shame on anyone who's agonizing over this crappy wedding that was orchestrated to obscure the real picture in terms of what these people are really involved in. These people have hijacked the wealth of the entire planet for their own use and you're watching their diabolical celebration? "

Obviously you give a lot more than a shit. You are screaming while commenting a joke. So... it's you agonizing over this wedding, isn't it. So - that's probably one thing I agree with you - shame on you.

Reptilian? The British royal family responsible for "some of the most grotesque atrocities of the 20th and 21st century"? Like... what?

"wedding orchestrated to obscure the real picture"... oh, yeah. Since the first British Royal Wedding with modern media coverage almost exactly 90 years ago (87 years and 3 days), there has been 7 weddings. If you give a year of excitement and interest to all of the weddings, that leaves 80 years when there has been no weddings to obscure anything. Don't you think it's a bit... I don't know... less sly, perhaps, to arrange such big things, pay a lot of money and expose oneself for countless photo opportunities by every man and their dog for something this small? I mean... I would rather let the BBC pay for the chance of broadcasting a royal dinner once a month, where only some chosen few photographers are invited and thoroughly controlled, and even the material supervised and retouched if necessary before airing, in stead of letting millions of people watch something live?

And what is it they are supposed to be obscuring with this? That they are the true Elders of Zion, not the Jews. They just made Jews into scapegoats, like Aryans always do. You see, they are the true Aryans, Lizard shapeshifters, the descendants of Alien Lizard people the ancient called angels...


It gets better... These rulers of the world kidnap children for their evil rites of abuse, rape, mutilation and blood orgies. The children are decapitated and their blood drank by these alien vampires, and they do this while in their true form, that is about 7-8 feet dragons with claws, tails, even wings and horns. These lizards cannot keep their human form when tired, sleeping, unconscious or emotional.

Anyway... there's a lot of videos around where people are "confirmed" as aliens.

Like Britney Spears. Look at her tongue in this picture:
 Weird, huh? Obviously she's a reptilian.

The fact that this picture is of horribly bad quality, and her reptilian tongue isn't showing at all in a good quality pictures, is totally irrelevant. I suppose the reptilians have tampered with the video, now when this little accident has been noticed. Or something. After all, Britney is so smart, pretty and ambitious she must be an alien.

Now, this is "the video that woke the world"... this is what happens at about 35 seconds: "membrane crosses one eye only and a clicking sound"
Membrane? That's not a membrane. That's a reflection of light. I would say someone took a picture with a flash and the click was the camera.
Why in one eye only?
This guy is obviously a reptilian; see how the membrane crosses one glass only. I bet there was the clicking sound too... Busted!

Then there is Jennifer, the cat eye girl. Or reptilian eye... she is naturally the result of alien gene manipulation, what else?
What else is that some people are born with cleft palate and in some cases with cleft pupil as well. People have been born with cleft lips, nose, eyes, ears and cheeks, and even though this is a very rare condition, it is "normal" human condition, due to "abnormal facial development during gestation".

Also, rhesus negative is reptilian blood...

and so on and so forth... *sigh*
This actually explains most of it; Reptilian Alien Shape-shifter Videos Explained
Read it and try to understand it, and don't dismiss it just because it pops your bubble, and your bubble was soooo pretty and lovely and... What? What is the purpose with this kind of conspiracy theories? Why do you want to believe George Bush visited regularly some woman and raped her and her 5 years old daughter? Why do you want to believe the British royal family have Satanic orgies in their cellar where they abuse children and drink their blood?


Anonymous said...

Ah. A penny for our thoughts. :]
Now let's remediate this Reptilian issue, shall we?

Anonymous said...

wow that was the worst out of context review ive ever seen, way to sarcastically look at everything and dismiss what actual evidence there is... like gee i don't know how about in every culture around the world these reptilian beings are mentioned as the snake men, iguana men, Naga etc... and that "picture" of gorge bush senior was not a bloody photo it was a video and his eyes glinted and went very narrow slit like. Also many high up ex-CIA FBI and law enforcement have known about the loose network of child abductions, its not a joke mate. The sacrificial pedophile ring is real and you should do some proper research before you laugh it off.

Ketutar said...


"that was the worst out of context review ive ever seen"
I would say that you haven't seen many reviews in your life, and you don't have the slightest idea of what "out of context" means.

There are no snake men in "every culture around the world". Maybe you should look at the cultures NOT mentioned in the "evidence" put forth and try to find a snake man in, let's say, Sapmi folklore.

"that "picture" of gorge bush senior was not a bloody photo it was a video"
Yeah... a video *I* give a link to in the blog entry. Who says it was a "bloody photo"? Where? Not I, not in this blog. If you have an issue about someone talking about photos, go talk with them, not me.
I have obviously seen the video. I made that picture serie with stills from the video, and I give my interpretation of what I see happening.

Of course child abductions are not a joke, and it happens, but it's ordinary human beings who do things like that, not some alien lizards who do perform blood rites or what ever. That people CLAIM there are "many high up ex-what ever" who say things, that there are "many high up ex-what ever" who BELIEVE all kinds of shit, that is no proof of anything.

But - it's your life and if you want to believe all the leaders of the world are not human beings but alien lizards, go ahead.

Anonymous said...

This is retarded! That girl has a condition known as Coloboma's! My husband has them and it has nothing to do with a damn lizard! .........idiots

Ketutar said...

@anonymous 6:14 - "retarded" would be otherwise a very good word used in this context, except that very few people, who can actually justify their stupidity with being retarded, do believe this crap about reptilians... surprisingly enough most of the followers of this theory are normally intelligent people. They just don't think very well.

Anonymous said...

Wake the fuck up! The world is obviously in a big mess! People who think humans are the only people in the universe and on planet earth are in a box and brainwashed and are scared of any thing out of what society thinks the ordinary is. We are heading in a direction of absolute distruction to humanity unless people start opening there minds to what is real, and humans do do bad thing only because they are sickening our beautiful amazing world and abusing everything good they are using subliminal messages to lead our people to suffer poisoning our food stopping child birth the amount of people that need ivf to have a family is abnormal to how our bodies are born to work, suppressing our true freedom! the grand thing is if we all start taking our power back as an individual they have no power, so it is us blind humans who need to wake up and work on a much better and fair world because they are blindly leading people to suffer and burn.... all so they are in control and they don't belong here there is proof of real people who have escaped these cults that have the power over our world to rape and abuse it. Humans are sick and going crazy because they are using satanic symbols and bad intentions to control us. All so they keep ther power they frame innocent people for there crimes and kill any one who is a threat to exposing what is really happening. People are working hard while they make exudes and reasons to tax us for all we work hard for, I know it is extremely disappointing to here what really is happening and your perfect ideas of the world have been lies, sorry! it is true! if you continue to be blind and stupid! You are also helping take us down including your self. Wake up now ! Now is the time to make a change, even an idiot would be aware of the evil control in this world. If they woke up! One element that can not be touched by evil is love. So don't get used to what they want us to think is normal and follow the truth. It is a test also for our true strength. Love love love

Ketutar said...

Obviously the world is in a big mess, but not because of some reptile aliens.

Of course humans are not the only people in the universe. When it comes to planet earth... that is a totally different matter.

Do I think this way because I'm brainwashed? I wouldn't know, now, would I :-D
Am I scared by the possibility? No.
Am I "scared of any thing out of what society thinks the ordinary is"? ROTFLMAO. Obviously you don't know me. :-D

The humanity will not be around for ever, you know. We all die, every lifeform disappears, transforms into something else, or is replaced by another lifeform. That's the way life works. Nothing is eternal.
It's ok, anonymous. It's ok. Focus on love and breathe.

"[they] kill any one who is a threat to exposing what is really happening"
David Icke is still alive.

Nevertheless, I'm sorry to say this, but you won't ever be able to "wake me up". I will not believe in lizard people and the British royals being lizards and some inner circles trying to force the rest of the world under bondage, slavery and misery. I will continue believing that all the human beings accused of being lizard people, are human beings.

I'm sorry that it will disappoint you to no end, but I hold the humanity 100% responsible for their own choices and actions. I refuse to blame Satan, aliens, lizard people, the President, the Muslims, the Jews, or anyone else for OUR wrong-doings and bad choices, and I will not listen to anyone who blames someone else.
We choose to do evil things by our own free will. If we do evil things because we are "sleeping", then we choose to sleep. If we do evil things because we have been brainwashed, we chose to allow us to be brainwashed and to stay in that state. We choose to believe what ever we believe.

If it makes you feel more love to your fellow human beings to think that they are doing bad things only because there are some alien lizards mind-controlling them, go ahead. Now, looking at some human beings with hatred, because you believe they are not human, but lizard people... doesn't sound very loving to me. By hating the lizard people, you let them in to your head... according to you.

I feel love to my fellow human beings by thinking they are just human, like me. We all make mistakes and bad choices and react on wrong reasons and misunderstanding and fear, and sometimes this has really bad consequences.

If you think people cannot do good if they believe "wrong", you are just one of the intolerant fundamentalists, and it doesn't matter that your intentions are good and you believe you do this because you love me and the world.
I don't need to follow your "religion" to be a good person, and I find your opinion on that I am "sleeping" and causing damage by BELIEVING differently from you very ignorant and not at all loving.

Ketutar said...

I don't accept your explanation that you have the duty to "save" the people by forcing them to believe the same way you do. It is not good by any standard to force people to think a certain way just because YOU find it the "only right way", it's not ok to manipulate them, blackmail them, bribe them, threaten or promise. I hate proselytizers and missioners! The most hateful thing with Christianity is "go and make the whole world my disciples".
You have the same venue to express your opinions of these things as I do, and I have to say that you would reach better results, if you focused on letting people know what they need to DO in stead of trying to persuade them to BELIEVE something.
I don't know if you have seen the movie "Gone with the wind", but in it the town whore gave money for the town, and all the "ladies" refused to take her money - because she was a whore - except Melanie, who understood that the whore is a human being and her money is just as good as any other money.
Teach people to do good, and thus counter-work what you believe the lizard people are trying to do. Don't scare them witless by painting horror pictures about the royals and presidents having blood parties in the basement.

Anonymous said...

Dispute me, but truth is as follows. I have seen reptilian eyes in front of me, and on the TV, but something tells me that we are all much closer related to alligators, than monkeys. ALL Angels are originally reptilian based creatures of light, whether fallen or holy. Keep an open mind, for at this point in time, what is good is bad, and what is bad is good, and no one knows the difference all the time. There are so many types of inter-dimensional beings around us and manipulating us all the time, to never quite know anything about reality for absolute sure. Just know God is real, and with His knowledge and power, faith can raise you up, and over all these concerns, eventually.

Ketutar said...

Dear Anonymous. I would love to speak to you using your name - even a fake name, other than "nameless".

Of course we are being manipulated all the time, and one doesn't need "inter-dimensional beings" for that. We can't believe anything that is being told, we can't believe the evidence of our own eyes, we can't take our own experiences as evidence of anything, because a human mind is a wonderful, creative and powerful thing that will create the evidence of what we want to be true. (It doesn't need to be something we'd LOVE to be true. Some people want to believe in bad things.)
You want to believe in "inter-dimensional beings" so you believe in them and see evidence of their existence around you.
I want to believe in God, so I believe in God and see evidence of God everywhere.
Scientists who want their theories to be true will find evidence to support their theories in their very strict and scientific studies, which just are not there when the experiment is copied by someone who doesn't want their theory to be true.
But - what is true is that we cannot influence other people, we cannot influence God, we cannot influence "inter-dimensional beings", aliens, fairies, angels, dragons - the only beings we can influence are us... WE choose what to believe. WE choose which influences to follow. WE choose to allow the manipulation...
If you are afraid of lizard people, because they cause all evil in the world, be so. But stop doing what they tell you to do, and you'll be fine.
If they'll kill you - so what. We'll all die one day anyway, and if you truly believe in God, in all-mighty God, you KNOW you will not die unless God allows that to happen... and if you believe in lizard people and God, you also believe God created the lizard people too... They too exist only because God willed it so and they too are just doing what God placed them in the world to do. You just need to do what God placed YOU in the world to do and let other beings be.

Spreading fear is not constructive, positive or functional. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear causes people to do "evil" things, like accusing the British royal family of all kinds of things, as if it was important... As if it mattered even if it was true!
THAT is my point with this blog entry.

Anonymous said...

KETUTAR is a PAGAN and it tells it all why she is masking the truth the the royals are demon!!! You cannot fool everyone coz the Lord Jesus Christ will give lead us to the truth

Ketutar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ketutar said...

And what does your lord say about the British royals and reptilians?

What about you forget the crap about reptilians and concentrate on trying to be Christian, and do what your "Lord Jesus Christ" says? And stop "whispering and backbiting".

What ever you believe in, it doesn't matter in any way whether the British Royal family are reptilian or human beings.

And, yes, I am a Pagan. It's not a secret. Considering that you are so stupid you believe this reptilian crap, you are so prejudiced you think my religion matters and you speak highly of Jesus but don't do as he told you to do, it's understandable why you hide behind the anonymous option.

But, thank you for commenting. Your comment is an excellent example of the people I'm talking about :-D