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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is Sweden Antisemitic?

No... not exactly. Sweden is Anti-Israeli. It's only when people cannot or will not see the difference in Israel and Jews, when Anti-Israelism turns into antisemitism. Most Swedes still understand and acknowledge the difference, so they are not antisemites.

Sweden is VERY Anti-Israeli.

We have the tennis matches between Israel and Sweden only a couple of months ago.

We have Sweden refusing to participate in army exercise when Israel is involved, "because Israel is a country at war", but has no problems in exercising with USA.

We have demonstrations demanding balanced news reporting in Israel-Palestine issue disturbed, attacked, harassed - and police puts stop to the legal demonstration, and not the illegal con-demonstrations and harassment.

We have people boycotting Israeli products and demanding the state puts Israel in embargo.

We have artists praising suicide murderers (oh, sure, Dror Feiler is born Israeli and Jewish - AND? Obviously people have not heard of anti-Israeli Jews... :->) in the name of artistic expression, when "Mohammed as a traffic circle dog" is condemned and the artist silenced.
(The Swedish Government, BTW, told also President Ahmadinejad that the Swedish government does not get involved with what the newspapers write, but no-one raised the discussion of Ahmadinejad's motifs and sanity, like they now are doing with Netanyahu and Lieberman...)
Also, for some reason, the antisemitic artists and artists hackling Israel don't get any police protection, like the anti-islamic artists and artists hackling any Arabic countries...)

The press is very Pro-Palestinian. Every Anti-Israeli news is given the first page, any pro-Israeli news or corrections to the lies is given a tiny note somewhere on the page 6, which no-one ever reads. There was one day when a Palestinian terrorist killed a lot of people - the first page of the biggest newspaper in the country was about how hard it is for the Palestinians on West Bank to get to their work in Israel. The terrorist news was a small note inside the newspaper.
Some newspapers, like Aftonbladet, will publish any crap as long as it attacks Israel and praises Palestine, never mind truth and journalistic integrity.
We have dozens of books telling how awful Israel is and how peaceloving and kind people the Palestinians are (yes, it's always "Big Bad Israel" and "innocent Palestinians". Israelis don't exist as individual human beings with their own mind, thoughts, opinions and actions, they are just part of the monolithic inhumane machine called Israel.) and repeating all the Palestinian lies on what happened, where, when and why.

For example, the press was heavily criticized when they published photos of Palestinians celebrating with the rest of the Arab world when "the big, bad USA finally got what it deserved", that is 9/11. "The Palestinians are so hardly treated, it's unfair to publish any news that might cause them more trouble".
Then Hanan Ashrawi gets in the air very upset trying to pull the fairytale of the Palestinians NOT doing that, "they were celebrating because someone - probably an Israeli infilter - gave them cake"... She is saying that 95% of the Arabs dance on the streets because the Untouchable Satan finally got touched, and 5% of them dance on the streets because they got cake... Some mighty cake that is... But the Swedes believed that and so did every other Pro-Palestinian. Of course the Palestinians are not normal human beings, they are all angels and saints that would not joy for other people's misery!

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