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Monday, May 5, 2008

60 years with Israel

In a Swedish newspaper, "Daily News (Dagens Nyheter) was two articles concerning Israel's independence day.

One of them was an interview with 80 years old man. He lived in Beit Nabala near Tel Aviv. He tells about "al Nakbah" - the catastrophe. The story is not a new one - we have heard several versions of it - and the story itself is not interesting. What is interesting is what is NOT said.

Why did Israel empty some Palestinian villages?

I have no doubt on that it happened, but the "whys" are important. Someone I have been discussing about these issues with, repeated the Pro-Palestinian/Anti-Israeli version of Israeli nationalism and European colonialism attitude, invasions and occupations - with one word; Zionism. As if there was no "real" reason for the Israeli aggression... but google "Beit Nabala Massacre"... What do you find? What? You can't find anything? >:->

On December 14th, 1947, the Arab Legion (Army of Jordan) attacked a civilian bus convoy from Petah Tikva to Ben Shemen under the excuse that the convoy was hiding a Jewish terrorist... Sounds familiar, huh?

From November 9th 1947 to July 18th 1948, Jerusalem was under "siege" by the "oh-so-peaceful-loving-tolerant-hospitable" Palestinians - no Jews were allowed in the city, the Jewish quarters were under constant attacks and threats, the Jewish hospital and university campus were threatened and so on. They were assisted by the Jordanians, Egyptians and - yes - British.

On April 13th 1948, Arab militants (yes, including Palestinians >:->) attacked a medical convoy taking doctors, nurses and medical supplies to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

We don't even have names to all the massacres and pogroms by the Arabs towards the Jewish population, we don't even know about all the kibbutzim and villages destroyed by the Arabs and Palestinians during this siege... (It would be better if the Israeli revisionist historians would dig up THIS information from the archives and memories... but they won't. And do you know why? Because the Antisemitic Far Left is so strong within the Academic world that holocaust denials have better chances to get their findings published than non-anti-Israeli historians...)

The Pro-Palestinians/Anti-Israelis have made an industry of Al Nakbah and will drum Deir Yassin memorials and whatnots and be mute, deaf and blind to the other side...

They will remind everyone of the King David's hotel, but don't say a word about Fawzi el-Kutub (al-Kuttab, el-Kuttub...) - SS-trained Palestinian >:-> - who organized
- the bombing of The Palestine Post on February 1st 1948, killed one, injured dozens and destroyed the press bureau.
- the bombing of Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem in February 22nd, 1948. About 50 CIVILIANS were killed and dozens were wounded.
- the bombing of the Jewish Agency for Israel in March 11th, 1948, killing 12 and wounding dozens.
- the bombing of the Tiferes Yisrael Synagogue in May 21-22nd, 1948
And others...

It is because of this situation the Israelis cleaned up the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, broke through the siege and made sure the Jewish citizens of Jerusalem may live in their home town, and because of this some villages, towns and cities were emptied from anyone who could be harboring Arab soldiers, militia or terrorists.

This is a piece of information one HAS to know, consider and remember to have an informed and balanced view of "al Nakbah".

Of course no-one should be driven from one's home, but these villages were emptied AFTER the Arabs/Palestinians tried to empty the area from the Jewish population.

If the Arabs/Palestinians had succeeded instead of the Jews, the world would be quiet... just as quiet as the world has been during the millenniums of Jews being driven from their homes... Saying that a Jew can easily, without scruples or objections, be driven from his home. >:->

And do you know what THAT is? That is antisemitism, Jew-hate, pure and simple.

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