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Friday, April 25, 2008

More about Palestine

I have been told that I am taking a too frivolous attitude towards Palestine and Palestinians. Having the "let them eat cake" attitude of queen Marie-Thérèse.

I know I don't live in war, but that is the reality and every-day of Palestinians. How ever horrible it is, it is a "normal" day to a Palestinian. It has been for a very long time. The human body and mind adjust to any kind of circumstances.

Nevertheless, I don't expect of Palestinians more than I expect of myself.

If I wanted an education, I would not let busses being late or there being no fuel stop me from getting that education. Especially if someone I don't like and I know wishes me ill is the cause for the busses being late and there being no fuel. I would walk just to spite this someone. I would get the best education ever just to spite this someone.
Just look at Mikhail Lomonosov.

Of course the Palestinian students SHOULDN'T NEED TO. We don't live in 18th century Russia. But THIS is the situation right now, THESE are the circumstances. If you are spoiled by modern comfort, if you expect modern comfort and technological benefits like working infrastructure, showers and cars, and you live on a war zone in a country where water is a scarcity, I'd say you are living in a fantasy world.

Of course you have the RIGHT to live in a country with all the comforts and benefits, you have the RIGHT to live in peace, you have the RIGHT to water, food and a decent life with your family, but life is not fair. None of us gets what we are entitled to, what we have the RIGHT to get. All of us have to make the best of the circumstances and resources we HAVE.

One of the circumstances the Palestinians live in every day is the presence of Israel.
Of course Israel is violating human rights and international laws, but what does acknowledging that fact change? Nothing.
Of course Israel is responsible of a lot of the difficulties the Palestinians have to deal with, but what does acknowledging that fact change? Nothing.
Of course Israel should change her wicked ways, repent and repair what she has broken, but what are the chances of that happening? Rather small, don't you agree? So if we are waiting for Israel, NOTHING will change.

Now, people will tell me that the violent resistance is the only way to change things. BULLSHIT!

Now, let's see a couple of images:

"This iconic image of a Palestinian boy resisting bravely before an invading Israeli Tank"

Did he stop the tank? No. Did he change anything? No.

Then we have this one... Makes one wonder... are the photographers staging these pictures? Are they photo manipulation?

Then, what do you think about 13-years-olds throwing stones at tanks and BEING IN A PLACE to be able to throw stones at tanks? Heroic? Brave? No way. STUPID! No wonder so many Palestinian kids have died during after 2000... the Palestinian adults don't care enough about these kids' lives to keep them out of the harms way. I mean, really! How could the soldiers know whether the kid is throwing stones or hand grenades?
Besides, do you remember the story of David and Goliath? What did David use to kill Goliath? A stone...
Do you remember the clashes between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza? Guess what some grown men were injured by, some seriously? Yeah... thrown stones...

You THINK the Israelis shoot at anything that moves, and Palestinian kids that don't even move, and YOU LET YOUR KIDS OUT THERE TO BE SHOT BY ISRAELIS?

I saw a documentary about a Palestinian family - they were sitting down to eat, and then there was shooting outside. The kids disappeared and ran to where people were shooting quick as ferrets... Don't they have any respect towards their parents? Don't their parents have any authority so that they can say "no" and see the kids obey? Or don't they WANT to say "no" to the kids, because the terrorist organizations will give you blood money for every child killed by Israelis, and having a "martyr" as a kid gives you special status and treatment? Or do they breed so much they don't care if one or two of them are killed by Israelis? I want to believe the Palestinians love their children too, but images like this make me wonder...

Now see this image:

In Basra the Iraqis stopped this British tank with Molotov Cocktails. You make MC's rather easily: you take a glass bottle, fill it with fuel (I can hear them... "oh, but the Palestinians don't HAVE fuel! How could they be making MCs!" LOL You can use any flammable liquid, like strong alcohol as well, and that you can make of anything, rotten fruits or vegetable, old grain or what ever), put in a piece of rag soaked in the fuel, put a cork in, light the rag and throw the bottle. If you don't have glass bottles, you can take a ceramics bottle as well. Anything that shatters on impact goes.

MCs are quite achievable for the Palestinians. This way they would also not harm civilians >:-> But I suppose the civilians are a better target... yeshiva boys don't shoot back >:->

Then the absolutely best, bravest, most heroic and effective way of stopping tanks:

This guy stopped a tank with no stones or Molotov Cocktails.

Did I say a tank? I meant a couple of tanks...

Or actually quite a many tanks... >:->

(I said once in a discussion with Pro-Palestinians (or Anti-Israelis - whom are we kidding here? They don't give a damn about Palestinians...) that if the Palestinians were doing what this Chinese guys was doing, I'd have a lot more respect towards them... He answered "but the Palestinians can't do that - they don't have tanks". I still don't know if he thought he was being funny or if he was just incredibly duff.)


Daniah said...

It is frustrating to hear you criticize Palestinians when you seem very ignorant of the suffering they go through on a daily basis. You have your facts down, but until you live under occupation, I think you have no right to judge Palestinian children. You say you would do anything to get an education if you had roadblocks in your way, but I'm assuming, and correct if I'm wrong, that you've never had to go through the wait and humiliation of a checkpoint, and until you do, you have no right to say how you would act in this situation.

Anonymous said...

I was searching for some pictures and I found your blog. I really regreted myself to find it but it is good to know that still there are so many ignorant people in this world, people like you, that sit in their countries written things with no sense, writing stupidities and proving their ignorance.
Go back to school and learn something

veritas6464 said...

Hey numb nuts,...you have got to be an agent or an idiot, your smug bullshit is offensive and I stumbled across your BS by accident also, like treading in dog-shit - fuck you FREE PALESTINE!


Anonymous said...

The boy and his family killed the other day may they rest in peace...