I believe that the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.
I believe all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of kinship, love and tolerance.
I don't believe in distinction of any kind, such as
- race, colour, ethnicity, nationality
- sex, gender identity
- sexual orientation
- language, culture
- religion, spirituality
- political opinion
- any opinion
- origin (social, national or any other kind)
- age
- weight, size
- looks, beauty or lack of it
- disability or illness, visible or invisible, of mind or body
- property, wealth
- birth
- other status or identity

Thursday, December 17, 2020

So... I read Triggered

 Indeed, he is...

Junior is Triggered, part I
Junior is Triggered, part II
Junior is Triggered, part III
Junior is Triggered, part IV
Junior is Triggered, part V
Junior is Triggered, part VI
Junior is Triggered, part VII
Junior is Triggered, part VIII
Junior is Triggered, part IX
Junior is Triggered, part X
Junior is Triggered, part XI
Junior is Triggered, part XII
Junior is Triggered, part XIII
Junior is Triggered, part XIV
Junior is Triggered, part XV
Junior is Triggered, part XVI
Junior is Triggered, part XVII


Junior is Triggered, part XVII


I suppose your grandchildren - if you'll ever get any - will find it hard to believe, not because it's hard to believe, but because half of your story is fictional, and the other half... we'll see if you get any legal consequences next year. Your grandchildren will be reminded of all the shenanigans and malarkey you engaged in, especially in 2020.
They might want to change their last name.

OK, let's clear some things up.

The Steele dossier is a compilation of raw intelligence. "Raw" means it's unverified information. Like when you post something on Twitter. Some of it might have some value, other is pure imagination, you post it all raw.
It is not evidence of anything, and was never meant to be.

Christopher Steele was hired by Fusion GPS (an independent research and intelligence firm) to find out things about Trump - partly by the Republicans to prepare for possible accusations, partly by the Democrats to find something to accuse Trump of. There's nothing fishy about any of this stuff, so don't pretend to be so outraged.

Now, some of the things in this dossier were worrisome enough for the FBI to start an investigation about whether it's true or not, so they verified the data. They found a lot of the stuff was nothing to care about, but there were some things that were confirmed. For example that Russia did favor Trump over Clinton, and that several Trump campaigners had contacts with Russians. Among others, you.

We know Natalia Veselnitskaya is lobbying against the Magnitzky Act, and for her to want to meet with Trump's people is nothing to wonder about, but why did you meet her? You have never said anything about the Magnitzky Act, you haven't spoken against it, not done anything to get it repealed. Your dad is for it. So why did YOU meet with HER?
Frankly, the suggestion that you met with her to get dirt on Hillary is the most reasonable explanation I have heard, and you haven't given any other reason, so we'll go by that. After all, you were questioned, and had all the chances to give other reasons, and you didn't. 

What Rudy Giuliani says about anything has been made pretty worthless considering his actions in the "election fraud" case 2020. It's only Trumpettes who believe a word he's saying. He's so deep in your daddy's pocket, he's leaking brown.

All those people you mention have been attacked by your daddy because he thinks they don't support him.

McCabe Suit Moves Ahead After Judge Denies Dismissal Request

Oh, so now you are Martin Luther King jr.!

J. Edgar Hoover was a Rightie.

"sympathetic to Communists, and out to destroy the USA with his speeches and boycotts"
sounds more like BLM, than you.

we think about their families, their years of service...


What junior hates are people who are loyal to someone else but his dad. I'm pretty sure he sees himself as the heir of the Trump Org, and the MAGA people as his future followers. Or maybe Ivanka's...

"Many I have talked with are disgusted by the Clappers and Comeys of the world"
Whether they are or not, they shouldn't be talking with you about it.

"Oh, and by the way, they’ve all written books. (Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Well, so did you, Don.” Apples and oranges. They wrote books about the lies they told, and I wrote one because they told them about me.)"

You wrote a book attacking a lot of people who has never said anything about you, and a lot of people who has responded to some crap you told about them. Most of your book is lies and gossip. The rest is bragging and whining.

What is interesting is that symbol you are pointing at.. The Crusader Cross... 
You might not support the ideas, but in your position, you should be more careful.

"We know that just about every one of Robert Mueller’s Nineteen Angry Democrats was a Trump-hating hack looking for any reason they could find to nail him and me"

No, that's not what "we know", that's what you believe. We know it's not true

Also, your hubris is unbelievable. The only reason you even get any air time is that you are the President's son. No-one cared one bit about you before you dad became the president, and when your dad is no longer a president, no-one will care about you. (Except when it comes to the litigations that will start happening very soon.) In 10 years, people will have forgotten your siblings' names, and will remember yours only because it's the same as the president's. Ivanka might be remembered longest. You are not Kennedys and will never be. You are too dependent of your father. (Or the guy everyone calls your father.)

"Are we ever going to get an apology or see any of the people who pushed the fake conspiracy theory for years punished for the fraud they perpetrated on the American people"


Why would you get an apology? The case isn't even investigated properly. If you are suspected of wrong doing, it should be investigated, and you should be cleared. Now you have been screaming your head off ever since the beginning, and people have been committing perjury and have been lying, hiding evidence, trying to change the subject, blame others so that your case is forgotten, you have been attacking people right and left over this, and nothing is cleared. It will continue next year. You think you have been persecuted now, just wait until next year, when your dad's presidency can't help you any longer. Especially now, when he's burning bridges and offending the Republicans. Your loyal MAGA people have no power, they can't help you. And with Biden as the president... you should be very, very careful before attacking his son. He loves his children. You might want his lenience and kindness very soon, and you won't be having it, when all he sees when looking at you, is the guy who did his best to drag his son in the mud. And for what? Neither Hunter nor Joe Biden has never done anything to you, never said anything about you. 

"Have you ever seen a story—just one story—that broke in favor of Trump instead of the other way around?"

Of course. Many times. In the right wing media sources. Unfortunately, they have all been either irrelevant, insignificant, or omitting huge chunks of the truth. Some are even pure lies.

"Please. If you believe that, I have “a single source” close to Lawrence O’Donnell who tells me that he likes to dress up in women’s clothes and sing karaoke on weekends. See how easy it is to make this crap up? I could do it all day. (And they do!)"

You do. All day, every day. Tweet tweet retweet.

Unlike you, most of us don't just believe people just because we like what they say.

BTW, "he likes to dress up in women’s clothes and sing karaoke on weekends"
Is that supposed to be somehow horrible? You think that's as bad as the president colluding with foreign powers?

Fox News coordinated with White House on false story, lawsuit says

It took them a week to remove the false story, and they didn't apologize for it.

"From the moment he stepped onto the stage in the atrium of Trump Tower to announce his run for president, my father had his mind set on one thing and one thing only: the American people."

Ah, yes. "American people" = Trump. As junior just said a couple of passages ago.

"When I hit the road with the Trump campaign in 2015, the first thing I noticed was that people were fed up with liberal censorship and political correctness."

With other words, people were tired of needing to actually think before they opened their mouths, and take the consequences of their bigoted opinions and attitudes. Of course they didn't like it. Of course they were "fed up with it".
I have been talking with these people since last millennium, and not once has any of them been censored, or when chided, none of them was innocent.

"All over the country, folks were tired of being talked down to by the elite political class"

"The elite political class". Educated people. Teachers, lawyers, librarians, doctors and nurses... Lefties. :-> 

"told over and over again that their concerns didn’t matter and their voices weren’t going to be heard."

Maybe because the right wing media was telling them they didn't matter all the time.
Obama got USA out of the recession, created 8 million jobs, and did a lot of other stuffs that benefited Americans, American workers, Middle Class Americans, poor Americans, but no-one is talking about them. In fact, half of the things Trump takes credit for was initiated by Obama's administration. They were being listened to, their concerns were taken seriously, and things were done, and still are being done.

"I met proud factory workers who had watched as Democratic policies had torn their lives apart"
Or, actually, the Republican policies, and their Republican employers.

"I met conservative college kids who were terrified to identify themselves in class for fear that liberal professors would retaliate"
which never happened, but fear is the only feeling Right Wing wants you to listen to and react to.

"I met women who were shunned by friends because of their political views."

I remember a woman in late 90s who was participating in a banner exchange program (back at that time people didn't have much social media, they had homepages.) This woman had created a banner attacking a specific group of people. Don't remember which. Now, the members of this group didn't - of course - want to have a banner on their homepage cussing at them, so they complained to the entity responsible for these banners, and they contacted the woman and told her she couldn't have that banner. She was furious and said that she finds the banners promoting something Democrat "offensive".
So being "shunned by friends because of their political views" - could be something like "all lives matter" or "abortion is murder" or "gay marriage is not right".
I'm sorry but I don't want to hear that. I find it heartless and inconsiderate and bashing the weak, and I don't want to be friends with people like that. Sure, I'll be polite, but please, don't call me. I'm sorry, I am not interested to lunch with you. Yeah, maybe some other time. Why can't you just go and find people who agree with you in this?
And, frankly, how many democrats have been "shunned by friends because of their political views"?
I have seen a lot of people lament the fact that they can't read the books of their favorite author because of their political opinions, or watch movies with their favorite actor, because he's a Democrat.
If you wouldn't force a Republican to be friends with a Democrat, why would you force a Democrat to be friends with a Republican?

Once upon a time it was considered good manners to not talk about money, sex, religion, health or politics in social gatherings. Now people call "good manners" "PC", and one should be anything but PC.

"If this seems to you to be a theme that I’ve hit time and again in this book, you’re right. Those stories are seared into my memory. They were living in a country that was ruled by what the left did or did not find offensive, and they were sick of it. So was I."

I have noticed. You whine about how unfair it is that the left treats the right the same way the right treats the left.

"Then, when my father announced, I realized that some of my liberal friends—or people I had thought were friends—began to retreat to the echo chamber of the left. They read only the New York Times and watched only MSNBC."

Says the man who only watched FOX and gets his news from Twitter. 

Seriously, I would back off from you spouting horrible things everywhere. I couldn't follow your instagram or twitter without being bashed for my opinions, having people I admire and respect being bashed about thing I know are not true, hearing lies about my values and priorities. And you are always out talking more crap. I couldn't even follow with you to your speaking trips. Your audience would lynch me, and your dad would praise them for it.

"Suddenly, conservatives were their enemies."

Says the man whose slogan is "let's make liberals cry again".

'Owning the libs': how Donald Trump Jr became the unlikely political heir apparent

‘Make liberals cry again’ became the battle hymn of the Republicans under Trump

"We slept in motels around the country; we went days without food at times."

Says the man whose net worth is $300 million.

Again, pretending to be so grassroot, while the reality is that when the campaign was over, he went back to his little apartment in Sovereign and little summer cottage at Hamptons.

"Donald Trump doesn’t sit there and make a decision based on polling numbers. He listens to the people."

So... how many letters from the citizens has he read? Does he even know people write to him? How many has he responded to?

"He did it based on his gut, on decades of experience, and on the applause and cheers of the forgotten men and women of this country who were being heard for the first time in decades."

Funnily, I haven't seen him listening to the crowds on his rallies, just speaking.

"When he talks of job growth, he does so with more experience than perhaps any other president. He has been signing the front of checks for forty years. What the hell would Hillary Clinton know about job growth? She hasn’t created a job in her life. Maybe a pollster job. Maybe a position for someone who bleaches her servers for her or hammers her iPhones to bits. But a real job? Not a chance. Neither has Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or any other Democrat in Washington."

There are businessmen among the Washington Democrats. But the fact that most politicians don't know everything about everything, is the reason to why presidents have advisers.

What does your father know about military? Except how to avoid it?
What does your father know about education? Except how to buy it?
Your father knows nothing about social workers, nurses and midwives, psychiatrists, personal assistants, librarians and booksellers, people who work with environment or animals, most creators, artists and artisans, bus drivers, taxi drivers, or locomotive engineers, or personal service personnel, like hairdressers, housekeepers, child carers and translators. He doesn't know anything about academicians - on the contrary, he hates those. "Liberal elite". And lawyers... he knows something about lawyers, but nothing beyond employing them. He hates journalists, too, at least serious ones. None of you hides your hatred of higher ranks of military and law enforcement.
None of these people creates jobs, but they aren't worthless because of it, or "the enemy of the Americans" as you paint them to be. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Of course you don't care, because most of these people are liberals, and they aren't so many it would pay to court them.

You hate the Intelligentsia, because we make you feel stupid, the same way a beautiful woman makes the ordinary women feel ugly. 

"Today, the left, the liberal media, and the administrative state have their eyes wide open."

Oh, yes... 2016 we were certain of that there cannot be enough people who are stupid enough to buy the Trump show. 2020 we know there are.
The Democrat candidates aren't any more corrupted than Trump. On the contrary. Trump's administration is the most corrupt administration in modern day USA. It's worse than Nixon's! Whereas Obama's was the least corrupt administration.

Ten Reasons Trump is the Most Corrupt President in U.S. History

Warren Releases New Report: Lawlessness and Disorder: The Corrupt Trump Administration Has Made A Mockery of the Hatch Act

Donald Trump’s record on corruption and conflicts-of-interest

"The left can take whatever shots it wants at us. We'll do what we always do; hit back twice as hard"

Which is all this is. You are doing to the Democrats what you claim they did to you. You are lying, twisting, exaggerating, omitting, editing, fibbing, trying to change the focus - it's the greatest show on earth, an illusion, snake oil sell.

Your dad has achieved some things that has helped all Americans.
But he has also achieved a lot of things that has not helped any Americans - except perhaps Trumps and their friends.
And a lot of those things that has helped all Americans were started during Obama, and Trumpettes aren't giving him and the Democrats any credit for what they did.
So why would we give credit to Trump?

We aren't cowards. You fight, we fight. And you will lose, because you are lying, and you don't know the rules.

Might be the Democrats are naïve and have lost touch with some of the voters, but the Republicans - well, Trumpettes - are stupid, easily manipulated, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bullies, and their Republican overlords, like Mitch McConnell, care more about their power than USA. Just look at the election 2020.

"President Obama once famously said that you would need a magic wand to bring back the manufacturing jobs lost during his administration. Well, abracadabra, Mr. Former President. The Trump administration has added 1 million manufacturing, construction, and energy jobs."

From his inauguration to start of Covid, Trump created half a million jobs in manufacturing.
From the end of the Great Recession to the end of his presidency, Obama created a million jobs in manufacturing.

It was not "manufacturing jobs lost during his administration", because he already created those jobs.

What president Obama said was: " And so what we have to do is to make sure that folks are trained for the jobs that are coming in now because some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back, and when somebody says, like the person you just mentioned who I'm not going to advertise for, that he's going to bring all these jobs back, well how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do?

There's no answer to it. He just says, "Well, I'm going to negotiate a better deal." Well, how — what — how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually, the answer is he doesn't have an answer."

There was 8.9 million jobs more at the end of Obama's administration than at the end of Bush's administration, and the Great Recession was not over when Obama became the president, so at the lowest point in 2010, to the highest point 2016, Obama's administration created 12.2 million jobs.
And jobs in manufacturing? At the lowest point in 2010, there was about 11.4 million jobs in manufacturing, and when he left, there was 12.4 million jobs. Obama created almost a million jobs in manufacturing.
Trump managed to create less than 500.000 jobs between January 2017 and February 2020, and let's not talk about Covid.
There were 17.1 million jobs in manufacturing when Bill Clinton left the job to George W. Bush. I'll accept the magic wand, when there's 17 million jobs in manufacturing again.

To accept there being Trump magic, I would need to see a clear change in all the statistics. 
There is none. He should have been creating jobs at least twice as fast as Obama. He didn't.
There is absolutely nothing to imply had Obama been the president for third term, the results would have been any different. On the contrary. 
But...sorry, you're fired. I suppose you should have tried harder.

After 2 Years, Trump Tax Cuts Have Failed To Deliver On GOP's Promises

Two years after Trump tax cuts, middle-class Americans are falling behind

As one family put it, they paid less taxes during the year, and had more money, but when the tax returns arrived at the end of the year, they received a lot less returns, and yearly total was less than previously.

"And while Democrats are for open borders and health care for illegal immigrants"

They aren't. You just talked yourself about how "hypocritical" the Democrats are, because Obama and company wanted to have stricter immigration laws. Which the Republican shot dead because Obama suggested it. THAT is how you hate someone more than you love USA.

"my father has budged not one inch on his immigration stance or his fight to build the wall"

Being stubborn is not a virtue, Junior.

"My dad wants to keep criminals and illegal drugs out of America."

So does everyone. But the wall isn't keeping criminals and illegal drugs out of America, those come through the legal ports. As witnessed by the border security. Which you refuse to listen, because it doesn't fit your agenda.

"He wants to stop the unlawful immigrant drain on our social safety net."

They don't. It's against the law, you see...

"DJT’s not against immigrants. He just wants those who, like my Ethiopian friend from the Denver coffee shop, love America, not the ones who hate us. I don’t see how anyone can argue with that."

No-one is arguing with THAT. What the Democrats are doing is seeing if the immigrants love America first before kicking them out by the assumption that because they come from a third world country, they are bad people. The Democrats deport criminals, your daddy want to deport every Mexican, Central American, Middle-Eastern, Muslim, Arab, people coming from third world countries, and he basically just wants blue eyed, blonde Norwegians who speak perfect English and own a couple of oil platforms.

"By greenlighting the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline and by lifting regulations on $50 trillion worth of energy reserves, my father has blown the doors off of energy production."

That's another "I don't care about what others think". There was a reason for Obama's administration to say "no" to Keystone XL, and DAPL. DAPL is finished, now, and it did not create the jobs everyone promised. The construction was done by using temporary teams of men who lived in camps, not in local hotels, and the crime statistics rose during the construction. (No, not by the protesters, by the builders, who harassed the local population and protesters.)
It's not just the environmentalists and Native Americans who protest, it's the farmers and landowners as well, but just as with the BLM protests, Righties present the opposers as insignificant loonies whining about insignificant issues.

I could say a lot about the true value of Trump's energy politics, but I'll let AP say the most important:

AP FACT CHECK: The energy boom didn't start with Trump
"After decades of inaction, my father has also taken the first steps toward a lasting peace in the Korean peninsula. Not that anyone will give him credit for it."

Maybe because Korea has been working on it for decades. Nevertheless, Trump deserves credit for this.
What is interesting here, though, is that when Obama takes the same steps with Iran, it's suddenly "horrendous"... and Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons. North Korea does.

"He took us out of the costly and ineffective Paris climate agreement."

Which is another great example of the shortsightedness of president Trump.

"I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure we can’t keep China’s dirty air from sneaking into the atmosphere over the United States."
and I'm pretty sure we can't keep USA's dirty air from sneaking into the atmosphere over the rest of the world. You are not isolated from the rest of the world, and you can not make decision just thinking about yourself. This is why the rest of the world thinks less of USA today than 4 years ago.

USA is one of the biggest polluters in the world, and a huge problem when it comes to global warming. That is a global problem and needs to be dealt with globally, not nationally. Especially when you do nothing about it nationally. The Paris agreement might have cost a lot initially, but it would pay itself back rather quickly.

Let me tell you a story. 1944 Finland lost the war against Soviet Russia. We were given a harsh deal, we lost important land areas, and were required to pay heavy reparations. 1952 we paid the last installment. We are the only country in the world who actually paid the reparations, and we did it without any help. What it did was that we had a healthy industry and it provided us a great economy. We are still one of the wealthiest countries, even though the recession struck us hard as it did everyone.
Now, if you adjust your economy to the Paris Agreement as agreed, you will be prepared and have a sturdy base and functioning economy when the third world countries have emptied the "easy solutions" and have to take the next step to keep up with their part of the deal. 
When you left the Paris agreement, you opened the door for everyone else to leave. You also told the world that USA cannot be trusted. Any and all agreements with USA are only for four years.

So, shortsighted, egocentric and stupid. 

"He’s gotten us out of lousy Obama and Clinton-era trade deals including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and NAFTA."

NAFTA created jobs, increased investments, lowered prices, increased competition and lowered costs. All the job losses were due to employers taking the jobs to Mexico where it was cheaper, employers threatening to move to Mexico to keep workers from joining unions (interesting that your union contacts never talked about that...), so the wages were suppressed, and the employers employing cheap, foreign workers.
That NAFTA caused an influx of Mexican illegal immigrants, was basically also USA's fault. U.S. government-subsidized farm products forced the Mexican farmers out of job, so they went to USA to get job.
With the free trade agreements, USA could demand foreign countries to raise the salaries and worker conditions in their countries, which leveled the field.

Frankly, NAFTA's pros outweighed its cons, especially considering that USA itself could have diminished a lot of the cons.

"He took us out of John Kerry’s horrendous Iran deal."

"Horrendous", huh? 

"He’s restored America’s respect on the world stage, and leaders around the globe know that the days of taking advantage of America are over."


The rest of the claims is of the same quality. It's as if these people didn't know anything about what was going on before Trump became the president, so they assume everything that has happened is Trump's achievement. 
"Look at me, during my presidency, 6 million jobs have been created!"
"Well done. Obama added 12 million jobs and Clinton 23 million."
"Look at me, I got 75 million votes, I won!"
"Well done. Biden got 81 million votes."
Promises Kept? On Health Care, Trump’s Claims of ‘Monumental Steps’ Don’t Add Up

"My father signed Right to Try legislation, greenlighting experimental drugs for terminally ill people."

Federal - Right to Try was in place in most states already 2015.

Right to Try: A well-intentioned but 'misguided' law

"He’s secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic."

"He has reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16 percent during his first year in office."

Clinicians have mixed opinions about Trump administration’s newest plan to fight opioid crisis

Trump builds on Obama opioid policy

Obama gets D-minus, Trump an F for work on opioid epidemic, expert says

"He signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, and he has expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care."

Spin, hyperbole and deception: How Trump claimed credit for an Obama veterans achievement

AP FACT CHECK: Trump takes credit for Obama’s gains for vets

"He has done what no other president before him could: moved the United States embassy in Israel to Jerusalem."

It's not "could", it's "would". There's a reason why it wasn't moved.

"No American president has ever appointed two conservative justices to the Supreme Court who are better than Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh."

Like saying "the best conservative justices" - when everyone knows the best Supreme Court justices weren't conservative. 
"I could go on, but I think you get the point."

Loud and clear. Stealing others' achievements, exaggerating one's importance, cherry-picking, lying - Trump MOO 

"But just because you don’t like the messengers doesn’t mean you have to hate the message. That message is making the lives of millions and millions of American safer, richer, and more hopeful, and it has accomplished that feat in three short years. Imagine what my father can do with another four."

I do. And so does a lot of other people. Which is why we have Republican Voters Against Trump.
Just imagine, considering that Trump basically just continued with what Obama started when it comes to economy, employment, health care, even immigration policy, what Obama would have achieved had he not been filibustered, stonewalled, and counteracted at every step. The Republican congresspeople have even admitted doing this. Anything Obama suggested was to be killed ASAP.
THAT is hating the president more than you love the country. 

"I got into politics by happenstance. Then I found that I liked the fight in it. But I’ve come to realize that it’s not just a fight for the sake of a fight. It’s even more than the daily battle with those who want to take my father and me down. It’s a fight for the happiness and well-being of my children and yours."

Yep. Here's where junior admits, he's "fighting", because
- he likes fighting, meaning being nasty on the social media, and inventing things about your opposition
- people are "attacking" him and his dad, which means criticism, opposition, and being held accountable for crimes.
- an invented BS reason that has nothing to do with reality, but sounds as if he cared.
Now I have read this book, and he hasn't come up with one serious threat to the well-being and happiness of anyone's children. It's all hyperbole and propaganda.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Junior is triggered, part XVI

4/5 of the book read, and I'm so bored. "What will he whine about next?"

I don't think you know what sarcasm is.

What purpose does it serve for you to call President Elect "Joey Hands"? Is that an example of how you respect your elders? What would I achieve by calling you Trunny Dump junior?

"Anyone who does so is provoking just for the sake of provocation".
Yep. That's what this book is.

"Even so, it’s still a hard fight. After all, how do you run against free college, free health care, free housing, and free everything else? Sadly, it doesn’t matter that there is absolutely zero chance of liberals delivering on their insane promises, because today, the sound of the promises is all that matters. And in case you haven’t thought about it, the phrase “Yeah, but that costs money” isn’t exactly a killer campaign slogan. Remember, this is the party that wants to drop $93 trillion on farting cows."

And your dad loves serial killers

The liberals tell how they finance their "free everything".

"If Democrats want to have any chance of defeating my dad in 2020—and, to be honest, I think they have very little—they’re going to have to learn to play by his rules."

Obviously not. By-bye donny.

"Instead, they’re going to have to nominate someone who’s smart and authentic and has the support of the people. In other words, someone just like my dad."

Your dad smart? I doubt that.
Authentic? Authentic asshole is still an asshole.
Has the support of the people? The guy who lost the popular vote has the support of the people? Sure...

"Why am I telling them this, you ask. Because I believe in the American political system and I want it to survive for the future of my children—and theirs."

Then why are you doing your best to destroy it?

"One of the biggest is that given an even chance, the American people know what they’re doing."

By electing your dad to the president has shown the whole world is that a huge chunk of the American people don't know what they are doing, what the President is supposed to be doing, what the government is supposed to be doing, how the USA is designed to function, what the House and the Senate does, how laws are made, what taxes are, what they pay for, how they are used and by whom, or even how their own employment works!

Keep the employers responsible for who they employ, how much they pay for them, and whether they ship the jobs overseas or not.
Keep the American people responsible for to whom they give their money.
It's really easy to blame the Democrats, the Left, and everyone else, and I'm sure you are just happy when you get workers attacking "the elite" - teachers, doctors, lawyers. Then they won't be attacking the employers, they won't be asking questions of the people who actually decide to give their jobs to those who do it cheaper.

Let's talk about Donald Trump.

When he got elected, I thought "Maybe he isn't as bad as everyone says. At least he knows economics, so he could cut the national dept."

ROTFLMAO He didn't. On the contrary. That thing grows quicker than the GPD and Obama got the economy to rise. I was expecting a clear jump in the curves, and nothing happened.
And then it turned out that the big MF has been lying about his wealth all the time! :-D He has failed in more business enterprises than succeeded, he's leaving angry and disappointed people behind all over the world. The Scots hate him. The Irishmen might love him - so far. I don't know for how long.

It turned out that the "grab them by the pussy" was just the tip of the iceberg. There's tons of women claiming more or less sexual abuse, from harassment and groping to rape.  

He has been indiscriminately harassing everyone from certain countries, and even junior seems to think people from 3rd world countries are somehow lesser beings.

The Russians call him "our Donald Ivanovych". He blames Obama for Russian invasion of Crimea. He didn't care when he was told the Russia pays the Talibans to kill Americans.

He doesn't support the military.
He calls soldiers losers and suckers, doesn't support veterans (that Veterans' Choice thingy - that was Obama's doing.), doesn't support POWs, and the military doesn't support him.
Now, how could he, he didn't serve the country in the military, his sons didn't, his dad didn't, his grandfather came to USA to flee the service. The Trump coat of armor should be a white feather.

Giving Rush Limbaugh the presidential medal of freedom. Another misogynist homophobic white supremacist.

About Elizabeth Warren.
A lot of American families have a family legend of having Native American blood. People believe what their parents tell them about their ancestry. Elizabeth Warren apologized to the Cherokees, and they have accepted her apology. And they said 'We are encouraged by her action and hope that the slurs and mockery of tribal citizens and Indian history and heritage will now come to an end.'
So stop calling her Pocahontas. 

So... what do you have against professors?

"And when she tries to put on the “regular Jane” routine, what happens? Well, if you haven’t seen it, google “Warren beer video.” Her “impromptu” announcement speech on Instagram is hilarious. I’ve seen better acting in grammar school plays. By the way, Elizabeth, why’d you take the label off the beer? They wouldn’t give you product placement money?"

You haven't seen many "regular Janes", have you :-D
Anyway, you are saying she can't act. So... not a good liar.
And she understands that senators don't engage in product placement. 

"Last May, he thought he would pull a fast one with a surprise event at Trump Tower announcing his version of the Green New Deal. I guess it never crossed his mind that there might be pro-Trump people in Trump Tower or that word of the event might leak out beforehand. By the time his pop-up presser was ready to go, we had the sound system cranked playing Tony Bennett’s “Stranger in Paradise” and Frank Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Meanwhile, dozens of protestors, including a pro-Trump lesbian group, rode up and down the escalators holding signs and chanting “Worst. Mayor. Ever!”"

Remind me never to use any Trump facilities. I bet you took his money, though.

BTW, "a pro-Trump lesbian group"? Wow... I wonder what they like about Trump's anti-GLBTQA+ record... How much does your rights cost? Was it worth it? As if Bill de Blasio ever had a chance...

Junior is Triggered, part XV

 I have to wonder how stupid the American union guys are. Junior keeps talking of them as if he was one of them.

No, junior. Firstly, you do not compare Joe Biden with you. You could be his son. You compare him to your dad, who is not one of the union guys, what ever you say. He admires Howard Hughes, the Union Buster.

Secondly, you are not one of them. You might walk like them, and talk like them, but at the end of the day you'll go home to your daddy's palaces. Seriously, how many of them have visited England, not to mention the Queen of England? How many of them would even want to?

"I’m not saying he isn’t good with his hands; he’s just not fond of using them for work." 

Neither are you. I haven't found one photo of you actually working. You seem to think posing with dead animals and on tree stumps count as "work". See those hands? Pink, soft, smooth... and nails could be manicured. No dirt under those nails. Don't see any calluses or scars.

"Dad had working man hands. I’ll never forget those hands, for they were hard as rock. Holding dad’s hand was like holding a sanding block and just about as uncomfortable. As he labored day-in and day-out, his hands built up so many rough calluses that they soon became as hard as dried leather. They were scarred with the evidence of many bumps and bruises on the job site."
- Working Man's Hands by Tim Challies

Kanye West... *sigh* Yeah, sure, everything because he supports your dad, and absolutely nothing to do with his idiocy. And it has absolutely nothing to do with things that happened before your daddy even announced his running. Of course, because Trump timeline doesn't include events that happened before 2015. Unless they can be used to throw dirt on people.

Candace Owens... *sigh* Yeah, sure, that some people dislike her cannot possibly have anything to do with what she says, but everything to do with that she supports Trump. (Funnily, those two are about the same thing... she's deplorable, too, and it has nothing to do with the color of her skin or her gender.)

"Last April, Candace was eating breakfast with Charlie Kirk in a local Philly diner when a mob from Antifa, the militant left-wing organization, surrounded them, screaming obscenities and throwing bottles at them."

‘Maxine Waters’ America’: Protesters swarm pro-Trump organization’s leaders at a restaurant

That doesn't look like Antifa. They were screaming. Charlie Kirk got a cup of water thrown at him. Righties say this is "terrorism". What ever happened with "it's just words"? Water, vegan milkshakes and corn flour are worse than driving cars in crowds? I suppose what happened in France July 14th and Sweden April 7th were totally fine as well. They were just trying to move the people out of the way?

So, when Maxine Waters says: "Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."
it's horrible, but it's totally fine for a police chief to say:
"When this is over and Trump is president for 4 more year. Do not go to sleep. Do not forget what these Marxist Democrat bastards have tried to do. When you see one in public get in their face do not give them any peace. Throw water on them at restaurants. Push them off sidewalks. Never let them forget they are traitors and have no right to live in this Republic after what they have done."

I like Condoleezza Rice. Even when she was the Secretary of the State. People were really mean to her.

"Everyone is so afraid to be labeled racist or sexist that they’ll vote for anyone with a D next to his or her name."

So... you don't have voter secrecy? Everyone can see what you vote? Dang! You need to change the election system! 

Just kidding. You do have voter secrecy, which means that you can say you'll vote for a Democrat, but don't need to, because no-one will know whom you voted.

Seriously, what kind of people are you? I would get angry if someone tried to intimidate me, and would deliberately vote something else. Perhaps the Green Party. "Land of the Brave" my ass. Land of the scaredy cats, I say. Scared of your own shadow.

Besides, why are you afraid of being labeled? People label people all the time. I have been called a lot of things. I don't care. Why do you? 

Seriously, when I was called a racist, I analysed the situation, and noticed that because I'm Finnish and white, I see things quite differently, and say things that are not OK, unknowingly. So I apologized for having been insensitive, explained that I didn't mean it the way it was taken, and learned that there are things I do that are taken differently than how I mean them, and it's not anyone's fault. Later I learned that there is chauvinist preferences, that every human being is somewhat racist, were they white, black, yellow, red, green, purple. That's part of being a human, being a mammal. Every animal has it. One feels solidarity to one's own group, and will choose the survival of one's own group over anyone else. 

Which is why the people who would choose to rescue a cryocanister over a real child scare me.

"They buddy up with the economic enemies of the United States on Monday, making it easier for us to ship high-paying jobs overseas to countries that pay their workers a fraction of our wages"

It's the employers and companies who ship the jobs overseas. Most of them are Republicans. If the employers didn't hire illegal immigrants, the legal citizens wouldn't need to worry about their jobs. If the employers paid decent salary to their employees, the employees wouldn't need to worry about how to get money to pay for housing, food, health care... If the employers didn't ship the jobs overseas, USonians would have jobs. If the USonians would buy American wares and produce, USonians would have jobs. 

"I’ve never heard any story — not even a fake one — that comes close to Biden’s."
Well... your retelling doesn't check out, and it's nothing special either. I mean, come on.

The Vice President travels on tax payers money!

The Vice President takes his son and granddaughter with him when he travels!

The Vice President visits China!!! 

His son does business (some sort...) in China while there. (You told a whole story about you visiting your Irish golf course while on your trip to visit the Queen of England - on tax payers' money)

Biden's trip to China with son Hunter in 2013 comes under new scrutiny
Trump’s false claims about Hunter Biden’s China dealings
Hunter Biden's military discharge was administrative, not dishonorable

Hunter Biden was in the military, though. What is more than can be said about any Trump. 

Beau Biden was a Major, with the Bronze Star Medal, Legion of Merit and the Delaware Conspicuous Service Cross. So maybe be a bit careful before throwing around unsubstantiated claims about a decorated veteran's family. 

Also, Hunter Biden is sober now. Can you say the same? Senior seems to be using amphetamine, and you show signs of cocaine use. Also, your ex girl friend said you used drugs.
I don't know, I don't care, but some people might...

Also, let's talk about the Trumps and Russia...

Trump's oldest son said a decade ago that a lot of the family's assets came from Russia
Mike Pence critical of Russia days after Trump advocates for inclusion at next G-7 summit 

What does the world think about Biden/China connection?

China unlikely to find US President-elect Biden a soft touch

And what about Trump and China?

Why Does Trump Have a Chinese Bank Account?
Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits
Trump’s Conflicts of Interest in China
Trump owed tens of millions to Bank of China

Oops... Maybe not throw rocks in a glass house?

"In the closing months of the Clinton White House, Congress granted China “permanent normal trade relations” (PNTR) status. Biden supported the measure and in doing so completely underestimated the future of our trade relations with China. On the floor of the Senate, Biden said he saw no reason to think that trade deals with China would hurt US manufacturing. Nor did he see China as a competitor of ours. He said that China had an economy “about the size of the Netherlands.”

PNTR status to China was voted on May 2000. The House was Republican and the Senate was Republican, and the house report was introduced by William Reynolds Archer, a Republican Representative from Texas. Mitch McConnell, Rick Santorum, Strom Thurmond, Pat Roberts and Jeff Sessions voted YES. Interestingly, Maxine Waters voted NO.

And guess which president signed it? No, it was not Bill Clinton... 

Guess who introduced a bill to repeal PNTR? Bernie Sanders along with 45 Democrats and 16 Republicans... The House was Republican, the Senate was Republican, the President was Republican... and the bill went nowhere.

Frankly, the Republicans are more to blame about the reaction to China's explosive growth than the Democrats, but the biggest villain is that the West was not at all prepared to handle China's "Communist Capitalism", and the global recession. And Trump hasn't made things better. Sure, he can brag about the positive development, but, seriously... compared to the development of the whole 21st century, it's nothing to brag about.

How much of a threat would you think China was back in 2000 based on this:

And remember, Joe Biden was a lawyer, not an economist. 

"It was that kind of thinking that put us behind the eight ball with a $400 billion–plus trade deficit with China and why my father is doing all he can to rectify it."

Aren't you supposed to be an economist? As if things were that simple. Nevertheless, your dad's "all he can" isn't doing much. 

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man. They’re not competition for us!” Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their jobs to cheap labor and horrible trade deals with China."

Yes, because the worst thing you can tell an American is that they are the best in their field and can outwork anybody, because they are the absolute best, and if the companies just stopped shipping jobs overseas and people started buying American, no Chinese cheap crap could threaten USA. So stupid of him to believe that. 

"Now, for Joe and his family, I’m sure this is true. After all, you can’t be in competition with an entity that you’re doing billion-dollar deals with."

Except that they aren't doing billion dollar deals with China.

"But for the rest of the United States, I would say that China is going to be a major competitor in the years to come. This doesn’t mean that its economy is stronger or that we can’t beat it."

Which is what Joe Biden said.

"It does mean that China does not operate on a level playing field and that this creates several disadvantages for us. For example, the Chinese government is able to spy on its citizens with a kind of accuracy that Josef Stalin could only dream about."

So you want US government to be able to spy on its citizens? WTF?

"I’ve been in the political eye for just a little over four years. During that time, I have been accused of colluding with Russian spies, trading on my father’s position for hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of business deals, and sympathizing with white supremacists."

Colluding with Russia - check
trading on your father's position - check
sympathizing with white supremacists - check

You are not some innocent victim. No-one has said these things about Eric, who is also your father's son. (Maybe even more than you. I'd really like to see the fatherhood test results.) You are on "the list", because you are an asshole.

"Add that I’m a hunter, a shooter, and someone who doesn’t abide by political correctness, and the target on my back gets bigger."

Bigger than "most wanted"? :-D Hubris much?

You SAY you are a hunter, but how true is that, considering that most of what you claim in this book doesn't check out? Did you actually kill those animals you pose with? Were they can hunted, sedated, tied up? Or old, toothless animals like Cedric the lion? Is the dentist your friend? Do you often "hunt" together? Do you often use dynamite when you "fish"? Or is it shooting fish in the barrel? Your assistants go to the closest butcher and buy a dozen pheasants for you to pose with.

“How many birds did you see go up?” I asked.
“Nine,” they said.
“How many shots did I take?”
“Nine,” they answered.
“How many birds am I holding now?” I asked.
“Do you have any other questions?” I said, smiling.

"Yes, how much did your assistant pay for those birds?"
You have heard of magic tricks, haven't you?

I'm not questioning your "friend" Doug, I'm questioning your version of the truth. Alternative facts.

"Then add my Twitter account"

Now you are getting close to the truth. 

"What baffles me, however, is how someone like Hunter Biden gets a pass from the press."

He doesn't have a Twitter account and doesn't go around badmouthing everything he doesn't like.

We'll see what happens with the investigation.

Federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden focuses on his business dealings in China

"Keep in mind that I hadn’t done anything to that person"
- Donald Trump jr.

So... what did Hunter Biden did to you? He hasn't said anything about you, he hasn't lied about you, he hasn't spread malicious gossip about you, he hasn't accused you of anything, so why are you talking about him, lying about him, spreading malicious gossip about him and accusing him?

Fact check: Claim on Trump nepotism, family profiting from presidency is partly false
(Not nepotism, neither the family profiting from presidency)
How Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump Have Profited Off Their Dad's Presidency
The stunning hypocrisy of the Trump family’s attacks on Hunter Biden

Trump Family Values

"Donny, obviously, has been tasked with casting aspersions on Joe Biden’s son for taking a gig as a paid board member of a Ukrainian gas company while his father was V.P., and suggesting that when the president leaned on Ukraine to investigate a political rival, it was for good reason. That’s an argument that
1) will never convince anyone who thinks it’s inappropriate—and possibly impeachable!—for the president of the United States to pressure another country to do his bidding, and
2) might be better delivered by someone who’s not a literal poster child for nepotism. Not only has Don Jr. made money off his name for his entire life, he currently makes money off his father’s presidency both at home and abroad!"

“The problem with the Mueller investigation, and with former intelligence officials such as Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and McCabe, is pious hypocrisy. Those who have lectured America on Trump’s unproven crimes have written books and appeared on TV to publicize their own superior virtue. Yet they themselves have engaged in all sorts of unethical and illegal behavior.”

Dang! Sounds like this book! You write a whole book on imaginary crimes of other people, while you yourself (or your dad, or sister) have done almost all of it, in one form or another!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Junior is Triggered, Part XIV

"“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll give it (tweeting) up after I’m president.”
I don’t know whether he was kidding about it"

Not even you know when he's joking and when not, and you expect everyone else to?

"he did no such thing. Why would he?"

Because he's supposed to do presidenting and not manipulating his voter base

"I just spent an entire chapter going over the massive mainstream media machine that wakes up every morning with the intent of destroying my father. They use every last drop of their resources to spread lies about him, embarrass him in public, and impede his agenda with Democrat propaganda and talking points. Is my father just supposed to sit back and take that?"

He's supposed to ignore it. Just like every president before him, and most after him. Presidents should be busy governing, and not getting their knickers in twist over what anyone says about them.
President Obama wasn't jumping all over Twitter whining about people attacking him and his family.
And, believe me, "the massive mainstream media machine" was worse on him than your dad.

"Twitter is the only way he has of reaching out to the American people"

Oh? Somehow the other presidents managed quite fine without Twitter.

"Next to traveling around the country to talk to real working-class people and listen to their concerns, interacting with them on Twitter is the best way for my father to stay in touch with voters."

"Interacting with them"? You mean retweeting white supremacist propaganda, Right Wing Fundamentalist lies, and conspiracy theories?

"Most of the time, for me at least, scrolling through my feed involves sorting through death threats, a whole encyclopedia of swear words, and comparisons of me to everything from excrement to an extraterrestrial before I can get to my news stories. But it wasn’t always that way."

Gee, I wonder what changed it...
(Besides, what happened with "just words"?
To paraphrase one of your dad's supporters: "I would like to second whatever anyone says to you that is offensive, racist, misandric, cisphobic, christophobic, antifascist, or just basically anything that hurts your feelings and offers your tender sensibilities. I hope it made you grind your teeth.")

"Believe it or not, there was a time when social media was fun. I think it was probably around the tail end of the second (and final, I hope) Bush presidency, when the flip phone was the coolest thing around and my friend Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” played all summer long."

"Every once in a while, when I knew there was something engaging or funny coming on an episode of the show (The Apprentice), I would send out something called a “tweet” about it."

Let's look at the timeline...
George W. Bush was the president from January 20th 2001 to January 20th 2009
My mom (born 1935) had a clamshell phone. Back in 2008.
Kid Rock's All Summer Long was released 2008. I don't remember ever hearing it, though they say it was #3 of Sweden's top list 2008, and I listened a lot of music back then... I listened to it, now, and all I can remember is Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama. Oh, and "Summer of -69" by Bryan Adams.
The Apprentice was launched 2004, and Donald Trump jr. joined the fun 2006.
Twitter was created 2006, junior joined May 2009.

"On February 7, 2013, my father tweeted a criticism of President Obama:


Obama can kill Americans at will with drones but waterboarding is not allowed—only in America!

Then one of the many liberals on the internet who was attacking him in the comments section wrote, “If you hate America so much, you should run for president and fix things.”

My father sent back: “Be careful!”

Obviously, they weren’t careful. They kept hitting him and hitting him, making him more and more fed up, until eventually he would have no choice but to run. See, liberals? You should have stayed quiet!"

Oh, poor you! No choice but to run! Because Russell Steinberg (whoever that is) said "maybe you should run for president and fix things." What a horrible thing to say! Such an unfair and unconscionable attack!

And after you just spend several pages on explaining how he had been at least thinking about it since 1999, but sure. It was all Russell Steinberg's fault. Though you should be thanking him. Did you even send him a thank you note for his elementary push to make Trump the president?  

But, seriously, Obama was killing terrorists with drones, not Americans, and Righties whine?
There's a lot to complain about that, but nothing a Right winger would mind. It's against the International Laws, it's against his stance on targeted assassination, it might not be the smartest thing to do, because terrorists are like hydra, when you cut off one head, it spouts ten new ones, and every new one is worse than the one you just cut off. 

Also, how did Trump "fix this", when he became the president? In no what so ever manner. He uses targeted assassination himself, and no-one whines. 

And this was the result of Trump's first raid:
White House Says 'No American Citizen Will Ever Be Targeted' After 8-Year-Old Girl Dies in Yemen

By 2016, he had 6 million followers, and I had just over a million. My father and I had never seen anything like it."

And now you have 6.4 million followers, your dad 88.6 million, and Barack Obama 127 million followers. You got yours mostly by talking crap about other people, and he speaking about things that are important to him.

"If you don’t believe me, just look at the explosion of populist candidates around the world after he was elected. You think he had something to do with that?"

Er... You seem to think "populist" means something positive... it doesn't. And it has been going on for some while now. You just haven't noticed it. So, no, he didn't have something to do with that, he is the symptom of the same disease those other populist candidates are.

"I can’t go a couple of hours without taking a peek at my Twitter timeline."

I'm sorry to tell you that you have a problem, but don't worry, there's help.

"As vile as the comments can get (and believe me, they can get pretty vile)"

Yes, they can. But they are just words, aren't they.
I have been called all kinds of things, and I'm just a nobody. I got a bit worried when they threatened to doxx me and send things, and I was having nightmares about our dog fetching the post and it exploding in his mouth. Thankfully it was just empty yapping, like most of it is. I would have expected you to receive worst things than corn starch in mail.

BTW, could you point out some of the vilest tweets you have ever received? Because Twitter must have removed them, I can't find anything vile.

"Only instead of being addicted to molecules such as alcohol or nicotine, we’re addicted to being outraged."

You write about it, but you don't seem to understand how it applies to you...

"Even if I tweet something that’s relatively benign — say, a Merry Christmas message, the Twitter mob will find a way to attack me for it."

Let me guess, your "Merry Christmas message was something in style "Merry Christmas to you all, even though it will make some liberals crazy"? Like:

Do you see any difference in responses when you just post a nice photo of your family, and don't make it about politics, and when you make it about politics? How much of the comments have been deleted? 

Uh, doesn't matter. 

Next Christmas, go read the other first children's Christmas messages, and the responses.

"I swear, these people are better than any intelligence agency in the world at bringing up old tweets and twisting them around to ruin somebody’s life."

Not as good as the righties. You invent things, when you can't find anything. Like Ilhan Omar allegedly marrying her brother just to sneak into USA. (Again, total bullshit. Go and fact check it.)

"Just look at what happened recently to the conservative political commentator Tucker Carlson, who years ago used to call in to a shock jock radio show. Liberals took his words out of context and applied them to today’s norms and frame of reference."

Er... Tucker Carlson is my age, and I stand fast with what I said 10 years ago. So I am going to hold him responsible for what he said 10 years ago as well. It wasn't just some kid having fun, it was a middle-aged man and a father, knowingly discussing things in a radio show.
His words were not taken "out of context", and I do hope today's norms and frame of reference still condemns child marriages.
Do you really think those girls whom Warren Jeffs arranged marriages for, consented to it well knowing what it meant? Do you think they were even asked?

"Bubba: "I've not been able to find anybody that has the same stance as you.

Tucker Carlson: Well that's because nobody has the balls to articulate it because everyone is afraid of what people are going to say. I'm not endorsing polygamy. My -- here's my point: If a guy wants to be polygamist, that's kind of his business."

I don't mind polygamy, as long as it's between consenting adults, but I very much mind even monogamy when one of the people being married is a child. It doesn't matter if you are Christian, Muslim or something else, American or something else, you just don't marry children!

"Carlson also said it was “pointless to try to explain how the words were spoken in jest, or taken out of context, or in any case bear no resemblance to what you actually think, or would want for the country.”"

Especially when the words were not spoken in jest, taken out of context, and there is no what so ever reason to believe that he was lying in the radio show. Totally pointless. But - they try, and their supporters will "believe" them, as long as they are talking about people their supporters hate. He was very adamant insisting that "it isn't that bad".  Go ahead and arrange marriages to underaged girls, it's OK because the husband will take care of the girl! 

I'm sure Tucker Carlson knows some nice guy who will marry Kai, and it should be totally fine with you, as long as the guy is hard-working, rich and Conservative. If you are not OK with it, maybe admit that Tucker Carlson IS an asshole with horrible ideas and opinions?
Sure, he's totally free to express them as much as he wants to, but so is everyone else to express their opinion on him. 

"The same thing happened to me on the Opie and Anthony radio show"

Opie & Anthony - Donald Trump Jr. In Studio (3-1-2013)

Donald Trump Jr: Women Who Can’t ‘Handle’ Harassment ‘Don’t Belong In The Workforce’

“I’m of that mindset . . . if you can’t handle some of the basic stuff that’s become a problem in the workforce today, then you don’t belong in the workforce. Like, you should go maybe teach kindergarten. I think it’s a respectable position. But you should - you can't be negotiating billion dollars deals if you can't handle... there is a place where we have to draw a line, but like today, this stuff you can get into trouble for..." 

How was that taken out of context? Was it a joke?

The people who get you into trouble are usually the people who can handle it, but why should they need to, when you can function quite well being civil and not throwing sexually loaded comments? If you can't, maybe you don't belong in the workforce. Or among human beings.

"Only liberals get to turn around and say there were joking when they get called out".

Oh, your supporters are very quick to forgive you. You can also do a Tucker and get really upset and try to shout down the critique. Which is what most of you do.

Of course you wouldn't know, because you aren't liberal, but your side can be just as fit-throwing freaks as anyone. 

Ilhan Omar belongs to the same generation as you. She's about the same age as Ivanka. She is also an immigrant who has made something of herself, speaks English, and is a mother. She is also a congresswoman. Show some respect.

I also don't think it's prudent to compare democratically elected congresswomen to cyberterrorists, what ever you think about them. Cyberterrorism is a real thing, and not to be used frivolously about people talking about things you don't want to hear. Ilhan Omar and AOC has never gotten even close to "igniting mass anger and gaslighting" like your dad does on an ordinary afternoon.

Also, a single person posting a few thousand tweets about an issue... that doesn't happen often. 

Yes, you are exaggerating, and you know it.

Let's take Roseanne Barr.

"all because of a late-night nonsense tweet that barely anyone could understand"
Didn't you get it? I did.

The tweet was: "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby = vj" (Valerie Jarrett).

Roseanne Barr was very good about it, apologized and it should have been fine, but the Right loves to compare black people, especially women, to apes, and we are tired of that. So when someone STILL hasn't learned and tries to be funny by comparing a black woman to an ape, there's zero tolerance. How ever much you try to apologize, set things right, claim it was "just a joke" - the truth is that if you can't control your racism when you are tired - or your antisemitism when you are drunk - then it's not that you aren't a racist, it's that you manage to control your racism most of the time. 

I don't start blubbering things from thin air when I'm drunk, tired, have high fever, am under influence of some medication. Everything I say comes from what's inside me. I have never in my life said black people look like gorillas, because I don't think they do. I have never said the Jews control the media and economy, because I don't think they do. I might be saying things about Americans, pro-Palestinians, fascists, Righties, I wouldn't say if I was sober and in full possession of my faculties, but the reason why I don't usually say them is not because I don't think that, it's because it's not PC to say them. 

But, Roseanne Barr didn't excuse her words in any way, she explained the lapse of control. For that I have all the respect to her.

Yes, cancel culture can be bad, but people expressing their opinion on what people say and do is not cancel culture. Making someone's bad behavior trending on the social medias - there are still people like me who go and check the claims. Roseanne Barr made a mistake and apologized. Good for her. I don't think they should have canceled her show.

Donald Trump sr. didn't say "there are good people on both sides" meaning White Supremacists.

Tucker Carlson did say he doesn't see anything wrong with child marriages, and when he was caught, he didn't apologize, explain that he has changed, or said he understood what he said was wrong and why, no, he had a shitstorm where he raged over everyone else... kind of like this book. You get caught trying to buy information about your political opponent from a foreign country and then write this book...

Donald Trump jr. did say what he was accused of in the radio show, BUT he also said "there is a place where we have to draw a line", meaning that sexual harassment is not OK. Also, he didn't mean women in general shouldn't be working in business. He has expressed several times his admiration to several women in business, and there are women working in Trump org. who don't feel being harassed or belittled, so I say the storm over that radio show was overreaction. 

And so on and so forth.

I won't be waiting for the same uprightness from a Republican. You will never admit overreacting and lying, even when proven to have done that. You'll just whine about people having misunderstood your words or what ever.

"But she’s conservative and was on television being pro-Trump. In Hollywood, that’s a capital crime."
There's plenty of Hollywood conservatives, even though they are a minority, and most people have nothing against them. Some do, of course, but there are Conservatives who choose which authors to read, which songs to listen, which movies to watch by the political leaning of the artists. You should have seen people's reaction on Chris Evans voicing his liberal opinions. They were crying on his twitter, begging him not to say such horrible things, because they used to love him, and now can't.
I love Robert Davi, even though he's Conservative.

"The same goes for Kevin Hart, who made a few allegedly homophobic jokes during a stand-up comedy special that came out just under a decade ago. For years, no one had cared about those jokes. Comedy used to be funny because we were able to poke fun at things we held dear. Then, once it was announced that Hart was going to host the Oscars, the Hollywood SJW mob started cranking out the outrage tweets like crazy. They followed the playbook that I’ve described above to a T. Within days, Hart had succumbed to the online mob and agreed to step away from the gig."

Well... no. It didn't go down quite like that.

Where Are Kevin Hart’s Past Apologies? An Investigation

"Every day brings a new list of people who’ve been shut down by the online outrage mob, and every day the mob has to stretch itself further and further to get people worked up. It has to create new rules for what’s considered offensive, new ways for people to break those rules, and even stranger punishments for when they do. It must be exhausting. But if they’re going to survive, it’s necessary. You just can’t sustain that level of outrage without expending an enormous amount of energy to come up with things to be outraged about."

I have been talking about some pretty inflammatory subjects online for the past 20 years. People have tried to shut me down. People have called me all kinds of things. People have arranged campaigns to both instigate others against me, and to spread lies about me and what I have said. I have been blocked, shut out, my posts have been deleted, but I have never been silenced. I don't need to speak on your profile, in your group, on your site. I don't even need an audience. I don't think a lot of people are reading this, if any.
So, if people allow themselves to be shut down, it's on them.
In the end it really is "I can't speak WHERE I want and have audience, too!" Yep. You can't. Was that a surprise to you? Freedom of speech only guarantees you can speak, it doesn't allow you to do that whenever, wherever, to whom ever.

Ask yourself how exhausting it is to get upset over stupid things, of which half aren't even true. You have even written books about those things. You are getting a career in getting outraged and upset about imaginary things. "Give me a break" is your motto.

"You just don’t see conservatives — even the younger ones who know how social media works — using the same organized mob tactics used by left-wing SJWs."

They are using the disorganized mob tactics. You use hashtags, and you tweet. Especially your dad.

Let me remind you of the Dixie Chicks controversy.

"We believe in freedom of speech for everyone, not just the people we agree with."

Yeah, sure :-D
Google Olga Perez Stable Cox. I'm sure you'll come up with a slew of exemptions.

"Beyond that, it’s really just the same stuff we’ve been talking about for years: free markets, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, and personal responsibility."

Personal responsibility?
"He said something horrible." "No he didn't!" "We have it on video" "No, you don't, it's a fake video!"

"Whenever conservatives get into an online scrap with someone, it’s usually to defend one of the things I just mentioned."

I don't think you have ever gotten into an online scrap with someone... I have a suggestion. You think you know how the lefties think. Create yourself a #Resistance account, and go join the liberals ripping someone a new one about something not about free market, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, and personal responsibility. I suggest gun control, women's rights and Joe Biden. If you don't know what to say, just copy some tweets from your opponents and adjust them to fit the theme, and then see what happens.

There are bedrock values in the far-left social justice warrior movement. Social justice. Why do you think it's called that way? Civil and human rights. Equality for everyone. You and me. To you it just feels like you lose something, when you are standing on place and everyone else takes a step forward... you are totally missing that they have been standing behind you. And not because you have been working harder than they, because you know it's not true. Or probably you don't know...

"We either win or lose that fight, and when the fight is over, we’re pretty good about letting it go."

You are still harping about things, like "KKK's founder was a Democrat!"
You have written books about things you can't let go. Righties are still talking about Bill Clinton's sex affairs, and "Communism!!!!!!!"
"Back in the 80s, someone said something nasty about my socks!"

"but they can never tell you what that looks like or how to pay for it"

As if you could :-D
I have been asking "what are Conservative values?" and "what are Judeo-Christian values?" and no-one has been able to answer that.
How do you plan on financing more funding for military and police? 

"They believe in a fictional place where everyone has exactly the same amount of money and we’ve all morphed into one androgynous gender identity. That place is sort of like the Soviet Union in the 1960s, only on Mars."

You live in a fictional reality where your dad won the election.

It is interesting that you haven't noticed that we aren't attacking rich people simply because they are rich.
AOC is rich. Cher is rich. Clintons are rich and Obamas are rich, Bernie Sanders is rich. You know Warren Buffett? A leftie. 40 times richer than your dad. And he started with about $100.000 loan from friends and family. His dad didn't give him million dollars, or a successful business. Good for him.
We don't mind capitalism. On the contrary. We believe people should have money. We believe people should be able to make money. We believe people should be able to work and get paid for their work. We believe people should be able to pay for their expenses with the money they earn from their job.
Which is why we ask for minimum wage one can live on, and affordable housing, so that they can pay for their housing with their salary, and affordable housing that is not unsafe, so that they can rest without fear of someone breaking in to their house and stealing what they have, violating them, perhaps even killing them.
That's why we ask for affordable education, so that more people could get a good education and a good job, so that they could get better salary and be able to pay more taxes.
Because we know the government needs tax money to pay for everything it needs to pay, for the military, the police, the firefighters, infrastructure, schools, care for children and elderly (so that the adults can go to work and make more money so that there's more taxes paid, and more money put into buying things - you know, capitalism.)
All the talk about citizenship salary is the absolute minimum amount of money anyone needs to survive, and if they want more, then they have to work for it.
No-one is saying "everyone should have the same amount of money". 

Also, people who do not confirm with gender binary are only about 5% of the population. I am fully happy being a straight white ciswoman, and have no aspirations to change that fact. But I also know that there are a lot of people who aren't happy being what the society tells them they have to be. I see no reason why they should be. If all the children were raised genderneutral, 95% of them would still identify as straight ciswomen and -men when they are adult. That can hardly be called "we’ve all morphed into one androgynous gender identity". I think it's interesting that Star Trek actually discussed this issue :-D 

"I am female. I was born that way.
I have had those feelings, those longings, all of my life.
It is not unnatural.
I am not sick because I feel this way.
I do not need to be helped.
I do not need to be cured.
What I need, and what all of those who are like me need, is your understanding. And your compassion.
We have not injured you in any way. And yet we are scorned and attacked.
And all because we are different.
What we do is no different from what you do. We talk and laugh. We complain about work. And we wonder about growing old. We talk about our families and we worry about the future. And we cry with each other when things seem hopeless. All of the loving things that you do with each other – that is what we do.
And for that we are called misfits, and deviants and criminals.
What right do you have to punish us? What right do you have to change us? What makes you think you can dictate how people love each other?"

The thing is that I am strong. My identity doesn't need protection, support, or defense. But when one is told day in and day out that they are wrong, what they think of themselves is wrong, who they believe to be is wrong - who they know they are is wrong - one starts to believe it. There is this nasty thing called "internalized oppression". (Probably something you think is bullshit, because you have never experienced it in your life :-D White privilege... >:->)

Inclusive Pedagogy – Moving past privilege and bias toward a more inclusive climate
White Privilege& Allyship  

I'm sorry that you are too stupid and egocentric to understand this.

If I can stop it by raising children genderneutral, then I'm all for it. Most if not all transpeople KNOW which gender they belong to already when they are too small for anyone to know whether they are boys or girls. Have a group of five years olds with the same clothes and haircut, and it's hard to tell if they are boys or girls.
I'm all for using hormone suppressants on all kids until they are 14, or until they ask to not have it (or longer if they ask for it). Hormones are a nasty thing, and I would have loved to not get boobs when I was 13, and too young to deal with the attention. And it would have been nice to be able to get through school without the damned migraines. It doesn't damage anything, doesn't change anything, doesn't have any effect except that the hormones don't get to change things. A lot harder to remove the effects of hormones than wait for your puberty for a couple more years. (And I would like to remind everyone of that no-one is seriously suggesting using hormone suppressants on all kids. It's just the 5% who wish for it. And all it does is to delay the inset of puberty. There's plenty of people who go into puberty late, after 14.

The Results of Sweden’s Extreme Gender‑Neutral Education 

"When they send out tweets attacking me or any other conservative using words such as “canceled” or “hella problematic” or “microaggression,” they know exactly what messages they’re sending to the online mob. Like cyberterrorists, they are well schooled in the arts of igniting mass anger and gaslighting, and they know how to weaponize Twitter."

Don't know about them, but your dad sure does.

"All they really know is that the world isn't fair and that someone needs to be punished for it".

Now you're talking about you again.
In your case it's someone who is not white, male, and conservative. Be it BLM, Antifa, feminists, liberals, GLBTQA+, immigrants, Russians, Chinese, Communists, whoever.

"Take for example, this tweet from Randa Jarrar"

Do you find it offensive?

Forgive But Don’t Forget: Remembering Barbara Bush’s Complicated Relationship With Black America

YOU might have thought she was perfect, and the society might think that it's uncouth to say bad things about dead people, but anyone can say anything, remember?

And it's very nice to bring Randa Jarrar up, because she's an example of when Righties engage in cancel culture.

You don't seem to understand that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and every other form of social media are private owned sites, who have all the right to put any and all conditions they want to on their sites. You are a guest in their house. If you want a Conservative household to speak in, go and create it. Don't go whining that the Liberal household you are speaking in doesn't like it when you spread lies about them.
Frankly, I would appreciate it if you all just went to Parler and kept yapping there. I appreciate the "gated community" where undesirables are escorted quickly out. Do you think you could get your dad to move there?

"I am now aware that with every day that goes by, Twitter and Instagram are removing more and more of my posts from people’s timelines. They’re doing the same thing to other people who speak out in support of conservative values. People who have liked or shared my posts have been reporting sudden problems with their accounts or temporary lockouts from their devices. People have even been suspended for things they tweeted years ago but that have only recently been highlighted."

I doubt that. When one starts digging, it's always something else. 9/10 it's that they violated the site's rules, and the last time is either a mistake or a misunderstanding.

And guess what: Why Republicans Weren't The Only Ones Shadow Banned On Twitter

Jussie Smollett? Who?
Oh, the guy who staged an attack...
A lot of people were being sympathetic, and now you are shaming them for that?
Of course they removed their sympathy posts, when it turned out the guy had been lying all the time. There's nothing hypocritical or false about that.
You just thought "oh, he's blaming MAGA guys, he probably deserved it."

"Instagram took the post down"

Instagram? That means there was a picture attached. What did that say?
Oh. You instagrammed your tweet. :-D
Was the tweet taken down? No? Obviously you haven't been silenced. You're just whining.
Instagram put it back and said it was removed in an error?  Well, then. Then it's all right. If Roseanne Barr should be excused for saying stupid stuff, then maybe someone was moderating Instagram drunk, or tired and using painkillers.

"And, you know something, I can’t think of a single time of this happening to a liberal. Not once."

I haven't seen or heard you or your dad (or your sister for that matter) express sympathy to anyone, ever. Not once. 
That doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

"When it’s the liberals who engage in what the left likes to call “hate speech,” that’s all well and good."

I just read today something I think you'll appreciate.
"There is no hate speech, there's just speech you hate."

Though, of course, being liberal, I don't agree with that.

"Then someone found these tweets" 

"By that point, someone will have probably combed through every tweet John Smith has sent since 2008 and found a sexist joke or two, maybe a few off-color comments from when he was thirteen."

Huh. I would have thought that you'd use the lefties digging up old dirt of righties as an example, but you chose to showcase several cases when righties made a big thing of old tweets.

Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.

That's obviously a joke. You don't find it sfunny? That's because you don't have any sense of humor.
Just kidding. But try to remember that next time some woman doesn't laugh at your rape jokes. The fault might not be in their sense of humor, but yours.

Nevertheless, check out the responses. All those Conservative white people screaming obscenities because their sensitivities got hurt. Four years after the original tweet.

Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins?

Check the responses. Note the time stamps. All the liberals making jokes about it, 2014, and then a lot of angry white righties whining 2018.  

That is an especially good one, because it has a whole thread to let people know the context.

Dumbass fucking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.
And I'm not the least offended. Because I'm not a dumbass, I'm just a fucking white person, so obviously she isn't talking about me. Did you feel targeted?

And guess what? Breitbart dug it up again 2020 :-D

Follow up on your examples next time, won't you, junior. Though it doesn't much matter because your readers don't care, and neither do you. You just spout out words and the one who speaks most wins. Easier to lie than actually find out about things and have a rational, fact-based discussion on them.

"All the ingredients are there.
Needless cruelty? Check.
Indicting an entire group for the actions of a few members of that group? Check.
Stunning ignorance and lack of empathy? Double check."

Cruelty? I think this response was more cruel than any of those tweets: "I did my tours and killed as many of you slant eyed fucks as I could. My only wish is I could have got Your slimy grandpa. Fuck you and yours." 

And "needless"? She's been getting a fair share of that kind of comments without saying anything more offensive than talking about liberal issues. Which, of course, is a capital offense in your eyes.

"Indicting an entire group for the actions of a few members of that group?"
I think she's indicting the entire group of racist old white men who have been pissing around the internet.
I don't feel indicted. I don't feel offended. I don't feel intimidated by her. I went to see what else she talks about and I followed her. 

"Stunning ignorance and lack of empathy"
If you are in habit of judging people by random comments, it might appear like that to you. But if you read more, you'd find out that ignorance is one thing you cannot accuse her of, and empathy is very obvious to anyone who reads the tweets around the #CancelWhitePeople. 

 What does "cancelwhitepeople" mean? (Read Dimitris Trigkakis' response. Brilliant.)


Would New York Times have hired a Conservative? Why would a Conservative want to work for them?

Do you have an example of a Conservative who dares to say "Fuck white people"? You have plenty of people who say fuck the Jews, black people, feminists, GLBTQA+ people, and plenty of other minority groups, but white people? I have never read anyone dare to say that out loud. Never. Not even white people.

Why didn't Candace Owens repost them as they were? 

Let's assume you are in a group with 100 people. 65 of them are White, 3 Jewish, 1 Middle Eastern (not Jewish), 8 Latinos, 13 Black, 6 Asian American, 2 of mixed ethnicity, 1 Native American, and 1 Pacific Islander. You shout: "fuck the white people", and everyone laughs because over half of the people are white. You shout: "fuck the jews", and people get very uncomfortable, because there's only three of them.

 " So a journalist is now a comedian, but an actual comedian like Kevin Hart is not? Okay, got it!" 

I must have missed all those gay people attacking Kevin Hart.
And you just said a couple of pages before "We were all joking!" You're not a comedian either. Making jokes doesn't make one a comedian, and everything a comedian says is not funny. Otherwise your dad would laugh himself silly when watching SNL.
So you haven't gotten anything, you are just being an ass.

"For instance, as Ted Cruz tweeted a while back, how come @RealJamesWoods gets banned and the actor Jim Carrey, one of whose paintings depicts Attorney General William Barr drowning in a sea of vomit, doesn’t?"

So, why did James Woods get banned? #hangthemall, or something else? (BTW, thank you for giving me one of the Right wing hashtags.) So you think painting people drowning in a sea of vomit is something one should get banned for? 

"Last year, Facebook banned Jesse Kelly, a conservative talk show host, but kept Linda Sarsour after she declared a jihad against my father."

Maybe because Jesse Kelly (whoever that is) apparently kept saying stupid things.

BTW, I found this and thought it was funny. To Chrissy I'd like to say "that we know of". I wonder how many women he has got pregnant, how many of them aborted the pregnancy, and how many he told "it's not mine".

I have already talked about jihad. It's not what you think it is, and she explained it when she said it, but, sure, selective hearing when it fits you.

"It even banned the conservative activist David Horowitz and didn’t give a reason."

Maybe because he tweeted "Oh, and then we can get on with killing Jews". Twitter saw "killing Jews", blocked him, and when it was cleared out, they removed the block. David Horowitz is still on Twitter spouting lies and malicious rumor as usual.

Consider Kathy Griffin. She was "canceled". She's still getting death threats. Even the liberals thought she went too far.

Did she go too far? Where is the line between "freedom of speech" and "inappropriate"? When is "offensive" too offensive?

Where Was All the Outrage Over Threats to Obama?

It is interesting that making "jokes" about lynching Obama, and all the Jim Crow time stereotypical racist imagery and comparing the President and his wife to apes, is "freedom of speech", while a comedian making a joke is... not a joke? To rephrase you "So a pastor is now a comedian, but an actual comedian like Kathy Griffin is not? Okay, got it!"

I suppose you think it's only a joke when a Conservative comedian says it, or when you think it's funny. The idea that different people find different things funny doesn't even cross your mind. Lack of theory of mind.

Maza vs Crowder 

Seriously, can't you talk about anything without personal attacks? Why can most non-conservatives have tv shows and you tube shows without being banned for saying something they shouldn't have said. "Lipsy queer"? WTF? Why would he even say that? What possible reason could he have to say a thing like that? It has gone so far that Righties go out of their way to say the most offensive things they can come up with, in the name of "freedom of speech". But when someone says something they don't like, it's all woe be me.

"Of 22 prominent political commentators who had been banned from Twitter during the period 2005-2017, a whopping 21 of them were supporters of my father"

So... no-one was banned from Twitter before your dad became the President?
I think it's because Righties don't care about being PC, and think "hate speech" is just "speech you hate", and should be all allowed, which means that they won't have any self-restraint, in fact, they seem to think it's a bad thing, and say it's to conform of fear instead of abstaining of consideration. Meaning that they did something that warranted the banning.

Ma Ingalls' words have long been forgotten.

“If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek,
Five things observe with care,
To whom you speak,
Of whom you speak,
And how and when and where.”

It Isn’t Your Imagination: Twitter Treats Conservatives More Harshly Than Liberals

Go and take a look on those people who were banned...  Do you seriously want to bind your name to the American Nazi Party? Or George Zimmerman, who used Twitter to target and doxx his ex girlfriend by posting porn on Twitter - thus violating several of Twitter's rules? American Renaissance and League of the South? 

BTW, who was the 22nd? A leftie? Yes...

"As long as a website doesn’t take any steps to curate or change the content, it’s protected by this law, and it can’t be held accountable for anything its users say."

Er... no. The social media has the right to moderate the site, and remove anything and anyone for any reason, without that changing them from platform to a publisher. The law is pretty clear, and there's plenty of trials setting precedent.

Did you know that one of the most common things deleted on Facebook is images of breastfeeding moms. Conservatives just can't take breastfeeding moms. As if they think breasts should be used for something else...

So now monopoly is somehow bad? Because you can't profit from it?
There was a time when Yahoo! was The Search engine. And then came Google. Google isn't perfect. Google is in hot water. Something else will appear. If I was you, I would use some of my wealth to sponsor some young and upcoming techies to create a new search engine. Make it better than Google, and Google will go the way of Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves.
And start your own social media platform. Or join Parlay. It should be wonderful for you, absolutely no limits to what you say, as long as you don't say it about white people, unless they are liberals. Or gay, or feminists, or you just don't like them. But absolutely nothing bad is said about tighty-whitey-righties. Unless they are Republicans who actually think USA should follow the laws and not try to brownnose your dad. 

It is interesting that you say without Twitter Hillary might have won, and you end the chapter by saying Hillary almost won because of Twitter. Could you make you your mind? (BTW, she did win. Popular vote, almost 3 million more people wanted her to be the president than Trump. Don't you forget that.)